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Discussion: Health And Healthcare III

That was a low point of the Trump presidency.

All of the Republicans agreed that they had to kill Obamacare, and they had the numbers to do it.

But then they realized that they didn't have any ideas of what to replace it with. Even the "brilliant" Paul Ryan was at a loss.

That was after a decade of whining.

Totally pathetic.
A lot is being made of Antony Fauci acknowledging that the 6-foot social distancing rule was made up.

I'm a bit flabbergasted and disappointed: of course it was made up. Nothing magical happens at six feet. Seven feet would be better. They had to take a best guess of a guideline that might work and might be followed, and they had to do it quick.

There are plenty of legitimate concerns with the way the pandemic was handled, but for me this isn't one of them.

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