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Do we mourn differently when extremely older people pass away?


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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My old man just contacted me and said my great uncle passed away, who was 97 years old. Granted, he was in and out of the hospital, so everytime he went in we were assuming that was it. But the dude had become such a staple of the family it's weird not knowing he's around for the most part. I figured it was about to happen eventually, but you still feel somewhat uneasy about it regardless. Whatever.
Yes. They lived a full and hopefully content life. People that die at 40-50 or younger is different.
I think it also depends on the role they played in your life.
We mourn less because we're basically expecting it and we know they lived a long life. We're not usually as sad when someone in their 90s dies of natural causes as opposed to someone younger being taken away.
It sounds like you cared for him so it's natural that you miss him, but at least you know he had a full life. I think it's still painful but maybe a little easier to get over, when it's someone very old.
they dont really bring anything to the table besides dying.
they dont really bring anything to the table besides dying.

That's just sick! Why the hell would you bring a dead person to a table?!?

On a serious note, I agree with others that when people are old, it's expected that they are gonna die sooner or later. A lot of grief is shock and some parts anger at someone being taken away who still seems to have a life to live.
its one of those things where even though you know its coming its still unexpected when it happens .. i feel uneasy after talking to an old person , it reminds me of my own mortality.

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