Does Your Left or Right Hook Feel Weak in Dreams?


Apr 14, 2001
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For whatever reason, I do a lot of punching/fighting in my dreams. :huh:

The thing is, even in the dream I can feel that the punch is totally weak or ineffective. It's the strangest feeling, really. It probably has to do with the fact that your body isn't actually punching, and if it is, you're asleep and probably punching into your mattress or pillow at some strange angle.

Has anybody else ever felt this, or at least noticed it? :o
it happens when you're feeling powerless.
it has nothing to do with punching your mattress.
yep i know exctly what your talking about. its crazy
yeah I get that a lot but it's not like I hit lightly it's like my arms are to heavy to do any damage
I've had that one or two times in the past.
I feel powerless all the time, then. :csad:

it's normal to some extent.
look at your environment and you'll realize there are several aspects of your life you feel powerless in, also, it happens when you think you're not as strong ( in life) as you thought you were.

ah the mind.
it's a rich tapestry.
I don't know about that but I always wake up with a hook in my pants?
I don't know about that but I always wake up with a hook in my pants?
This is crazy. I know exactly what this feeling is. Strange.
i felt the same thing before. its weird. im a really good kicker though.
I feel it more with my legs, like I can't move very fast, but yeah, I know what you're talking about.
I feel like my punches are ineffective all the time in dreams. It kind of scares me because im afraid they'd be ineffective in real life.
Sort of related to the topic.

Sometimes, but not that often, when I'm almost asleep I kick my legs really fast. Sometimes I'm thinking about climbing a ladder...then falling when this happens. What gives?
haven't had a dream in years. haven't been sober for years, i think theres a correlation.
I have flying dreams from time to time, and I've always found it odd that sometimes flying is easy in the dream and sometimes it's not.

In some dreams I just concentrate and suddenly I zoom straight up thousands of feet off the ground and I've got to focus again to slow down and go lower to the ground.

In other dreams, I fly by sort of swimming through the air, and it's a struggle to even get off the ground and stay airborne.

Another weird thing is that I'm always the only person who can fly in my dreams, but if there are other people present when I do it, they don't seem to react to it or think it's odd. :huh:
I remember I dreamt once that I was at some type of picnic and I was trying to open this really tight bottle of Coke, and I could feel the cramp in my hand.

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