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Dr. Doom questions. Please answer.


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Sep 5, 2004
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Okay, I'm typing some fan made Fantastic Four II scenes soon. They're going to be about Dr. Doom. Like scenes with him.
These little script-like scenes should be done and posted by the end of June. They will be posted in the Fantastic Four 2 forum.

So, I will ask some questions when I need to know something about Dr. Doom to make these script scenes more original to the comics. This will be the original comic Doom that we know.

My first few questions.

In the comics, Dr. Doom has servants in his Latveria castle right?
And some of them are human people?
Does he treat them like crap?
Does he kill a servant if the servant makes him angry?

Please answer, and thank you!:doom::)
First of all, read some of the comics. Grab yourself an FF Essential, say Vol.2 or 3, and there's your essential Doom. The Essentials cost considerably less than $20 last time I checked, which is a real bargain for 20+ issues of truly essential FF material.
That being said/recommended...

Yes, there are actual people working for him, as we see in the latest issue, FF #537. They are treated as loyal servants generally, unless one has the poor judgment to question Doom. That servant could quickly find themselves lifted from the floor and their neck snapped. (That may sound like Darth Vader's M.O., but it originated with Dr. Doom over a decade earlier.) In fact, a good neck-snapping is just what happens to the interim Latverian Prime Minister in FF #537, when he has the sad misfortune of Doom "returning from the dead" just as he's verbally maligning him.
In short, you're well-treated if you are obediant and loyal, dead meat if you're not.
The vast majority of Latverians apparently fit into the former category, partly out of fear, but also because life under Doom is apparently pretty sweet. Their needs are generally met without exception.

After Doom was deposed back in FF #200, the country was quickly run into the economic and social red by his "deposer," Zorba. Latverians that had celebrated the defeat and deposing of Doom just months earlier (in Marvel time) were overjoyed at his return to power a year in John Byrne's excellent story arc that ran through FF #245-247, I believe...

Oh, and Zorba apparently got the old neck-snap too. Or was dropped to his death from Castle Doom. Or both. Byrne very effectively left that to our imagination.
Pretty much what Malus says...the one exception would be Lancer, his female bodyguard from Planet Doom. She was one of the survivors of the flooding of that doppleganger Earth's New York City and saved Doom from getting attacked by some marauding Atlanteans when he made a vicious splashdown back to the planet after tangling with Thor.

The people on that planet, which was created by Franklin in order to save all the heroes from Onslaught, all have some suppressed metahuman capabilities. Doom used a catalyst of some kind to activate Samantha's and she got the ability to shoot some kind of energy "lances" hence the name Lancer. She was one of the few "servants" of Doom that he allowed to sass him, albeit with a stern warning.:) She is also one of the few he trusted.
Okay thanks!
I do have 3 or 4 of those Essential books, do you know some issues that could answer more questions?
Get the current series, Books of Doom. There was also a trade made of the limited series from about 4 years ago called "Doom" by Chuck Dixon. If you can get one from E-Bay, try and get a copy of "Triumph and Torment" by Roger Stern or another compilation trade called "The Villainy of Doctor Doom".
I have three Books of Doom issues, I haven't had a chance to read them yet, I'll read them when I'm done with school.

I found the first one in December, and I didn't find the other two until after April lol. I was looking for them for a long time.
Screw it. I got finished with my homework earlier than expected, so I read #2 and #3.

Very good issues.:up:
If you plan to mention Doom's staff, Boris is a must.

I'm also looking in some issues for his weapons that I can use in the scripts. I found one.
Ok, now why is Doom fighting the Black Panther? Two monarchs duking it out, looks like a cause for war between Latveria and Wakanda (assuming the cover is accurate). Black Panther #19.

webhead731 said:

I'm also looking in some issues for his weapons that I can use in the scripts. I found one.

Hmmm... the best thing I ever remember seeing was when John Byrne drew a schematic of the armor way back in the 1980's. It is on the side panel of the box of Bowen Design's statue, too. My fellow Doomophile from another Message Board includes it on his website dedicated to the nefarious Latverian, just scroll through to the end to find it plus some other background info his personal arsenal http://www.angelfire.com/planet/doctordoom/armor.html
Ravin' Ray said:
Ok, now why is Doom fighting the Black Panther? Two monarchs duking it out, looks like a cause for war between Latveria and Wakanda (assuming the cover is accurate). Black Panther #19.

Awesome image... As for them fighting it out, I really can't think of any current conflicts. T'Challa invited Victor to a summit meeting to discuss the diplomatice crisis involving the Lemurians, Atlantis and the U.S. during Priest's "Sturm und Drang" storyline in "Black Panther" so that tells me that he at least respects him as a fellow monarach. Ages ago, Doom did try to mine some Vibranium right out from under T'Challa's nose in Astonishing Tales #8. Later on, when Doom's return to Latveria after the Secret Wars was thwarted by a misguided Kristoff, T'Challa extended him the hospitality of his palace while Doom built him a droid or two.

I am sure Doom will be used to play up T'Challa's nobility, etc for this new story. :)

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