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Comics Drowned in Thunder-New Spidey novel

Donald Thomas

The Black ArachKnight
Jun 1, 2002
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While the events within current Amazing have caused an avalanche of discussion and controversy, thought it would be nice to announce a new novel on Spidey. Titled Drowned in Thunder by Christopher L. Bennett.Takes place after MJ begins her theatrical career(Amazing #509) but before Spider-Man joins the New Avengers. It also takes place before the transformation of Spider-Man in Spectacular Spider-Man #15-20.
Just got my copy. Look forward to reading it. Has a lot of involvement with JJJ and possible Spider Slayers.
Spidey rules because theirs always something within continuity to read
Hmmm looks interesting, I loved the last two books published by the same company; Down These Means Streets and The Darkest Hours. Definitly going to get this.


Book Description:
J. Jonah Jameson, publisher of the Daily Bugle, has denounced Spider-Man from the beginning, convincing New Yorkers to see him as a criminal and a menace. But when a robot attack on Manhattan injures Peter Parker's students and Jameson blames Spider-Man, their feud takes on a new, personal dimension.

As the embittered webslinger faces further robot attacks, each deadlier than the last, his spider-sense warns that Jameson himself is behind them, possibly colluding with Electro, Alistaire Smythe, or another of Spider-Man's mortal foes. Convinced that his worst critic has become a mortal enemy, Spider-Man declares war on Jameson -- a war the publisher is eager to wage. But in their relentless pursuit of victory, they both risk losing everything that matters to them -- and may both fall victim to the cataclysmic secret behind the robots.
i'll be on the lookout for this i like super-hero novels
Cool. I guess they must be selling well if they keep publishing them. I have about 20 Spider-Man novels and have enjoyed them all.

Definitely getting this one. Thanks for the heads up, Donald. :spidey: :up:
now why can't marvel stick to just writing interesting, sensible stories like this?
I adore Spider-Man novels. I'll definitely check this one out.
Sweet Christmas! I'm buying!

BTW- What are some other great Spidey novels? I have Down These Mean Streets, The Darkest Hour, and the Sinister Six Trilogy.
Sweet Christmas! I'm buying!

BTW- What are some other great Spidey novels? I have Down These Mean Streets, The Darkest Hour, and the Sinister Six Trilogy.

The Doomsday Trilogy was pretty good. Each book features a team-up between Spidey and a different Marvel character; Hulk, Iron Man, and Fantastic Four.

:spidey: :bh: :im: :ff:
Just finished reading the first 100 pages. I have not read as much reference to continuity and supporting cast development in years.There can be no coincidence that this story features a Spider-Man WITH web shooters. I think this guy Bennett should be a regular Spidey writer.Technically, this novel fits into Untold Tales of Spider-Man. The author acknowledges " key elements of the plot of this novel follow up on the events of Peter Parker Spider-Man (V.2) #27-28 by Paul Jenkins and Mark Buckingham.Spider-Man's motivating mantra in Chapter 14 ( " A man may lose..) is taken almost verbatim from Amaing Spider-Man #33 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko."
Total pages count is 285. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this novel! :word:
Spidey rules
thank you donald ,for bringing this novel to my attention
I've been reading these things since Mayhem in Manhatten (I think that was the name). I've really enjoyed the recent ones, because they take the current comics into account. I thought the Ultimate novels were very entertaining. I have an Amazon gift card that has this novel written all over it. Thanks for bringing it up, DT.
Since I'm going to be getting this one, I'll need a few others to get the free shipping. I never read the X-Men, Wolverine or FF ones. Any recommendations?
I have never read a Spider-Man novel and this looks pretty cool.
I like that it fits into post ASM#509 continuity, even if it's not cannon.
I have never read a Spider-Man novel and this looks pretty cool.

Read Adam Troy-Castro's Sinister Six trilogy. I cannot stress that enough to any Spidey fans who have not read them.

Absolutely brilliant reading.
Made a note, cheers.

I'm off out now, everyone have a good one, Il see you next year geeks!
Bought "Drowned in Thunder" today at the bookstore. Can't wait to read it.
By far one of the best written Spidey stories in years. A MUST READ.
Spidey rules
Tonight, I bought "Drowned in Thunder" and I really can't wait to read it! :up:
i tried to find it at wal-mart no luck

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