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DTL Season 5-Week 6 (Set 2)

DTL Commish

DTL Commisioner
Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
The threads will be in use for 9 days. Days 1-4 (Dec 6-9) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan. Owners can debate only when their opponenet has finished posting their writeup.

On Day 5 (Dec 10) I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.

Look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up. (Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 7th day (Dec 12) will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: Titan's Tower (San Francisco)

(Owner - Mistress Gluon)*
Silver Surfer (eXiles) (MU)
Hyperion (eXiles) (MU)
Wabird (eXiles) (MM)
Deathstroke (DR)
Bullseye (MR)


Chaos & Order
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) (DU) - Wields a ring that creates hard light constructs limited only by imagination and willpower.
Adam Warlock (MU) - Super strength, durability, regenerative healing, cosmic energy, flight.
Vision (MM) - Synthezoid with super strength, durability, flight, energy blasts, intangibility.
Proctor (MR) - Super strength, durability, teleportation, energy blasts, Ebony Blade.
Forge (MR) - Mutant with the ability to invent/build anything he can imagine.


(Owner - X)*
Thor (Power Gem) (MU)
Josef Huber (MU)
The Super Skrull (MM)
Batman (One Million) (MR)
Coronary (MR)


Team Alpha Wolf Squadron
Ultimate Quicksilver (MM)
Aquaman (DM)
Steel (DM)
Black Panther (MR)
Mr. Terrific II (DR)
Prep-Time here...

"Ok, no one worry. I've got this completely covered."

They all look at Kyle, but only Proctor speaks up. "...You're an idiot."+

GL: "No, seriously, we're in great shape. This is Titan's Tower. Well, at least on of them. And I used to be a Titan."

Forge: "So, you know everything about this base? As in, where the labs are?"

GL: "Sure. Well, sort of. I worked out of the New York base. We're in San Fran. But how different could it be. Even these controls look the same." He presses a button. A blast wall slams down behind them, trapping them in the room. "Um, I'll get that." He presses another button and the emergency sprinklers go off, soaking them.

Proctor: "Do. Not. Touch. Anything."

Vision walks up to the system and interfaces with it. The water stops. "There. I see there are also a number of security systems online. I will endeavor to take control of them."

GL: "Sounds like a good idea. Now, let me take care of this water. No body move." The room is bathed in green light, and soon everyone is dry.

Adam: "Much better. Thank you. And, if you can manage this door Vision?" Vision nods, and a moment later the blast door opens. "And I believe Forge asked about a lab?"

GL: "Um, sure. There should be a couple. The main lab will have most of the equipment."

Vision: "The main lab is locked off."

Proctor: "Our opponents." That's when Kyle's ring comes to life, showing them just who they are facing in this match. Proctor looks over them for a few seconds. "Does anyone know these individuals?"

GL: "Deathstroke, yeah. Tough bastard. And smart. Doesn't have any powers except healing, but he could probably beat us all. By himself."

Vision: "I am familiar with Bullseye and Warbird."

Adam: "And I am well versed with the Surfer's abilities." The group just looks at each other.

Proctor: "So no one knows this Hyperion?" Everyone remains silent. "This makes me uneasy."

GL: "So what are we going to do?"

Vision: "We can use this base against them. But they will have a similar goal in mind. Especially if they have already secured a lab."

GL: "Yeah, but none of them have any engineering abilities like Forge. I mean, Deathstroke is smart, but he's only got a day."

Forge: "And Vision can actually interface with computer systems. And I'm sure that if I can get into a secondary lab, I could still come up with something."

Proctor: "Something is far better than nothing."

GL: "Great. So all we gotta do is come up with something."

Vision, intangible, tracks a lone individual. Not knowing who it may be, he can't pass up this chance. Almost certainly it's a trap, so he comes up through the floor. But he sees no one standing there.

"Made a little mistake." Slade floats near the ceiling on a pair of hastily constructed hover pads. He drops a device into the phased Vision which actually disrupts him! Vision sparks like crazy and slips back through the floor. Slade's hover pads short out and he lands hard, rolling with the impact. "Blasted things. Oh well." He pulls his sword. "Who's next?" Slade smiles under his mask and runs off.

Forge runs down the hallways, giving chase. Every shot Bullseye fires hits its target dead on. Unfortunately, Bullseye's target is wearing a recently constructed forcefield. Hence the reason he's running away from Forge. Forge fires blasts of his own from his cybernetic arm, but without Bullseye's gift for aim, can't seem to hit his target.

In one of the large training rooms, Proctor and Warbird have plenty of space to fight. Actually, it's less like a fight and more like Warbird trying to stay alive. She can't keep up with the constant teleportation and Proctor's mastery at using the Blade. She's been lucky so far, only taking a couple of nasty slices and more than her fair share of energy blasts. But this all changes when one of her teammates shows up.

And then the tower shakes.

Outside, knowing they could easily bring the Tower down otherwise, Kyle, Adam, and the Surfer have taken their battle into the open. Hyperion wouldn't much care if that happened, but he has to go where the fight is. So now, Kyle and the Surfer trade blasts of energy while Hyperion and Adam trade blows. And neither Kyle nor Adam are fairing as well as planned.

Kyle pulls himself out of a tower wall, trying to get his senses back after the latest attack.

"Do yourself a favor and surrender," the Sufer says.

"One thing you've got to learn about me, is that's never going to happen." Kyle fires a blast. The Surfer extends his arms, ready to absorb or redirect it. But the emerald beam juts around the Surfer. It extends, grabbing onto Hyperion's ankle.

"Wha-?!" Hyperion says as he looks down at his leg. Kyle dives for the ground, pulling with all his will. Adam takes the chance to deliver a double-fisted strike to the distracted Hyperion. And Hyperion finds himself pulled down and slammed into the ground. The entire island shakes with the impact. The Surfer turns to help, but Adam drives his shoulder into him at full speed, forcing them both away.

When Bullseye leads Forge into the training room, it gives Warbird the opportunity she's been needing. A quick blast from Bullseye's gun catches Proctor in the back as Warbird distracts him. She gets the chance to slam home a few blows, knocking Proctor around. But a quick teleport safely puts Proctor next to his ally, and Forge extends the field around him. "Take cov-!" Bullseye tries to shout, but Proctor, hand extended, fries his brain. Warbird screams and lands a blow that, even with the forcefield, knocks Forge and Proctor back. But Forge and Proctor hit her with a combined energy blast. She tries to hold up to it, but is overwhelmed and falls to the floor.

"That was harder than I expected," Forge says, panting.


Proctor looks around. "What was-?!" The explosion destroys the wall they were up against, flinging them forward. Deathstroke stands on the other side of the hole, proud of his plan. Especially the part where he made his teammates think he was the bait, when it was really the other way around.

Slade points two guns at his dazed enemies heads, their forcefield long gone after being overtaxed. "It's been fun." He starts to pull the triggers, but a hand emerges from his forehead. Slade's eye rolls up, and he slumps to the ground.

"Made a little mistake," Vision says.

Adam Warlock smashes straight down through a section of the tower. He explodes out the other side and crashes into the ground. He looks up and watches as the section bends and creeks, ripping away. It falls on him, and the world goes black with the impact.

The Surfer looks at the carnage, hoping Warlock survived, but the fight was finally over. He feels a tap on his shoulder and turns his head. Words cannot express the surprise he feels when he sees Warlock standing on the other end of his board. Nor when Adam knocks him into the sky with a single uppercut.

Kyle's forcefield finally gives out, and his teeth rattle from Hyperion's latest punch. "Time to die," Hyperion says with an evil smile, his eyes glowing with energy.

"Hey!" Hyperion looks up just as Adam slams the Surfer's board into his face like a baseball bat. The board breaks in half, but sends the powerhouse flying. Adam helps Kyle up.

"Thanks," Kyle says. The halves of the board rise into the air, and fly towards their master, merging together at his touch. Kyle's forcefield goes back up. "I think it's time for a recharge."

Kyle fires a blast, which the Surfer counters with his own. But, instead of pressing the attack, Kyle brings the Surfer's energy into his ring. Kyle screams with pain. The Surfer tries to stop it, but Kyle forces the issue. Adam throws his cosmic blast into attack. And Forge, Proctor, and Vision add there own once they reach the outside.

The Surfer drops to his knees, as does Kyle. And just when the Lantern collapses, Proctor's Blade pierces Norrin's chest. The Surfer falls. The other, conscious, members of Chaos & Order are outraged. But Proctor just teleports away, and reappears behind Adam just in time to lop of Hyperion's head before he flies into Warlock.

Then Proctor teleports away, not caring what his teammates think or say.

And Chaos & Order wins.
Wieg, I am playing with Who? this week! I just posted my line-up with links and descriptions, please use that one.
Yeah, In Jesus' Name is playing against me, dude.
Not my best writeup, but it should do nicely.
Chaos & Order gets my vote over the no show. Once again I paid particular attention to Adam Warlock's fight, since he's one of my favorite characters. I liked the use of Warlock's disappearing act, but you still seem to forget that he has the Soul Gem. (Or is there some reason you actually prefer him without the gem?) If he can hit Hyperion with a karmic blast, it's basically an instant knockout, since Hyperion has no special spiritual defenses. Warlock has beaten other bruisers, like Maxam, in this way. So why would he resort to punches over that?

I'll edit in my vote for the other match in a bit, since Harl said he'd try to do something today. I'd like to know how he sees his uber-less team beating X's powerhouse squad. Speaking of X, what's the deal, did he quit?

EDIT: OK, I'll give my vote in the other match to Team Alpha Wolf Sqaudron on the basis of Harl actually doing something. Not sure if I buy the defeat of either uber, though. Huber would probably have given himself Colossus's durability before the fight starts, so even if Quicksilver's speed surprises him, it'd not be easy for Pietro to take him down. As for Thor, with the Power Gem he was able to beat the whole Infinity Watch, including the telepathic Moondragon -- mostly because she got into a fight with some crazy Valkyrie hallucination of Thor's. I guess her telepathy allowed her to see her (maybe I'm misremembering this, though). So if Aquaman uses his telepathy, he might face similar problems.

But some writeup is better than no writeup, so Harl wins regardless.

So yeah, what can I say? X will most likely not be playing and I as a result of that, didn’t even change his line-up, leading to his team going up against just my meds and regs. It’s an interesting match-up, as Team Alpha Wolf Squadron will have to pull out all the stops to win. Naturally, they would, since they’re quite familiar with the opponents, and their immense power. This week, victory will have to come from brain, not brawn.

Quicksilver vs. Josef Huber
You’d think this would be an easy match for Huber, but it’s not. He’s going to expect the 616 Quicksilver and plan according to that. Thing is, Ultimate Quicksilver is capable of speeds far exceeding those of the regular Quickie. He’s also ruthless, which means he’s going to pull it all out to take down Huber. The short description on Huber should be enough to gauge the threat and he’ll be the first to go down.

Black Panther vs. Coronary
T’Challa will know what Coronary is capable of from the description given, if he doesn’t have a file on that guy. Coronary’s powers are pretty hard to fight against, but the Panther’s iron will should get him far if they meet face to face. Considering he’d know of the danger Coronary can pose, he won’t be wasting any time. He’s going to go into full stealth mode, and there’s really little one can do when that happens.

Steel vs. Super Skrull
This is one of the better matches. Steel’s strength should be equal to the Skrull’s and none of the Skrull’s hypno-tricks should work on him. That leaves fire, invisibility and stretchiness. In a place like Titans Tower, stretchiness isn’t going to be very effective. Invisibility can be nullified with a few good sensors and fire poses no extra threat. Using his intelligence and the ability to tap into the Tower’s technology, Steel beats the Skrull.

Aquaman vs. Thor
Thor has too great a strength advantage, let’s get that clear off the bat. Aquaman has extraordinary endurance, capable of taking hits from Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter, which are just out of Thor’s ballpark. His magic hand should provide some extra protection, but that still leaves the Power Gem. That’s a little too much power, which is why Aquaman is going to have to throw it all into the telepathy department. Thor has shown no special resistance against telepathy, as he’s been mind-controlled before. With the upgrades from the Waterbearer hand, Aquaman should be able to throw it all into taking him down, pretty much sacrificing himself at the same time.

Mr. Terrific vs. Batman
Mr. Terrific isn’t winning this. All of Bats’ technology and skills lead to inevitable victory against the still awesome, but not unbeatable Mr. Terrific. I could write a whole thing but no, Terrific ain’t winning, but that still leaves Batman One Million going against the other TAWS’ers; Steel, Black Panther and Quicksilver.

Steel, Black Panther and Quicksilver vs. Batman
The Panther’s a tactical genius, Steel is a scientific genius and Quicksilver is just a mofo that can hit Mach 10 in his sleep. They should be able to coordinate their efforts and take down Batman. Quicksilver probably goes down during the battle, but with the smarts and strength of Steel, together with Black Panther’s tech, they should be able to take down Batman and win the game.

Chaos and Order for having a writeup
X...I mean, I don't want to, but how do you expect to win with not a single uber. Huber would wreck Quicksilver, Ultimate or no, and I don't think Aquaman's telepathy would do the job fast enough before Thor took him down. After that, it's a poopshot for X's lineup. Why didn't you use any ubers?
Because I'd hoped it would entice X to put some effort into this again. Also, because I don't like fighting with ubers.
Chaos and Order - effore wins over little to no effort

X - very unfortunately but there is no conceivable way Harl's team could win this one an trust me I tried to concieve a way :o

I hate voting for unowned teams, but I'm not above doing it if I'm not convinced they can be beat. (I've voted unowned plenty of times before). In this case, Harl didn't convince me that Huber and Coronary would fall. Now, even if the Panther is beaten, I think the rest of the team could take down Coronary. Then it would be them vs. Huber. And I'm not sure they could do it. Especially if Aquaman couldn't take down Thor after all.
Not that your vote can be changed, but how can Coronary NOT fall? That's one of the points I would expect to stay uncontested. There's very little one can do when the Black Panther goes stealth. Coronary doesn't seem to have any actual training and not a whole lot of experience. Black Panther has shown skills to should allow him to take down Coronary without too much trouble.
Chaos & Order

I have to contest everyones votes against Harl....I personally think his team would stand a good chance against X's no ubers included.....and heres how....

Firstly if im not mistaken Aquaman would be able to negate all of Thors magic,Steel's tech and ability to use the tech in the tower along with Black Panthers agility/fighting style and his indestructible claws could handle Super Skrull,The defense systems being controlled by Steel could take out or atleast keep Huber at bay whilst Quiksilver and Terrific take him out,Quiksilver could deal with Coronary alot faster than Coronary could act smashing him and putting him out, Black Panther could take Batman 1 Mil, I feel Black Panther could take Cap A and Batman so Batman M* wouldnt be too much trouble....that would leave all five to take on a Thor without magic or his Power Gem.....

I really believe this could work and so my vote goes to

Team Alpha Wolf Squadron
Chaos & Order vs. Mistress Gluon: You did a write-up, she didn't.

And thanks Nighty.
(Uses the Surfer's board as a baseball bat!? Oh my) :)

I think it would really suck for Harl to lose this match given that he was fighting against a no-show so I'm going to give it to him, but really... his logic is flawed about persuading X to return. X would be enticed by a challenge, not an easy win.
You misunderstand. It wasn't about having him fight me with his ubers. I wanted a med/reg fight. Obviously, X doesn't care anymore.
Chaos & Order vs. Mistress Gluon: You did a write-up, she didn't.

And thanks Nighty.

You're welcome....and I hope we get the regs only theme week when we battle....could have some fun seeing spidey,cap and bats going up against black panther,terrific and animal man.....
You're welcome....and I hope we get the regs only theme week when we battle....could have some fun seeing spidey,cap and bats going up against black panther,terrific and animal man.....

...may have to "adujst" the randomizer just to see that fight.
Voting is now closed.
Final Results:

Mistress Gluon 0
Chaos & Order 7

X 4
Team Alpha Wolf Squadron 3
Well... damn it.

And yes, that would be fun, Nightwing.

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