DTL Season 5-Week 5 (Set 1)

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Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
The threads will be in use for 10 days. Days 1-4 are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan. Owners can debate only when their opponenet has finished posting their writeup.

On Day 5 I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.

Look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up. (Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 7th day will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: Stryker's Island

Chaos & Order
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) (DU) - Wields ring that creates hard light constructs limited by imagination and willpower.
Exodus (MU) - Mutant with powerful psionic abilities,
Scarlet Witch (MM) - Probability manipulating mutant mage.
Proctor (MR) - Super strength, durability, teleportation, energy blasts, Ebony Blade.
Deadline (DR) - Super durability, reflexes, intangibility, weapons expert.


The Deadly Dozen
Hadrian (Daemonite) (DU) -- teleportation, energy blasts/shields, superstength/speed/durability, regeneration, invisibility, flight
Zoom (DU) -- time-based super-speed
Invisible Woman (Malice) (MM) -- invisibility, forcefields
Ambrose Chase (DR) -- physics altering field
The Ghost (MR) -- invisibility, intangibility, high-tech weaponry


In Jesus' Name
Thanos (MU)
Captain Marvel (Genis x2) (MU)
Mount Joy (MM)
Multiple Man (MR)
Northstar (MR)


(Owner - Who?)
Starhawk (original) (MU) -- Super strength, super speed, energy blasts, manipulates energy, can create light constructs, and a form of cosmic awareness.
The Weird DU -- Flight, super strength, phasing, and can manipulate any form of energy.
Doom 2099 MU - Superhuman stats(durability, strength, stamina, etc.), technopathy, energy blasts, force fields, invisibility, phasing, and flight.
Ganymede MU -- Enhanced stats, flight belt, and a staff that can release energy.
Magik 2 (MR) -- Teleportation, spellcaster, and wields the Soulsword.
Prep-Time here...

Kyle: "Wow, I forgot how much this place creeps me out."

DL: "You?! Give me a break. At least you didn't serve time here!"

Exodus: "And where, exactly, is here?"

Kyle: "Everyone, welcome to Stryker's Island Maximum Security Internment Center."

Proctor: "A prison?"

Kyle: "Specializing in superpowered criminals."

Wanda: "You mean a jail for mutants."

Kyle scratches his head. "Uh...no. For criminals. Super powered and normal alike."

Exodus scratches his chin in contemplation. "To contain those with powers, it would have to be designed to neutralize those abilities. Or at the very least, contain them."

DL: "Oh, trust me. They've got the tech to do both."

Proctor: "So we can use that to our advantage. If we neutralize our enemies, we can dispatch them and be on our way."

Kyle: "Wow, um, I don't like the way you said 'dispatch'."

DL: "I did."

Kyle: "He made it sound like we'd kill them."

DL: "...and...?"

Kyle: "You can count me out then."

Wanda: "Me as well."

DL: "Fine by me. We'll do the dirty work, you just keep them busy."

Kyle: "No one is killing anyone."

Exodus sighs. "Now is not the time for that discussion. Right now, we need to know just who we are facing." As if on cue, Kyle's ring flairs to life. Constructs of Chaos & Order's opponents take up the center of the warden's office.

Kyle: "That's..."

DL: "...one hell of a team."

Kyle: "Just what I was thinking."

Wanda: "That's an impressive set of abilities they wield."

DL: "We seem to match up fairly well. I say we split up and take them out."

Proctor: "That won't work. Where we do not match up well, we'll lose people."

DL: "So, that's when the others help out."

Proctor: "If they are capable. It is true we may win some battles, but would the victors be in any condition to fight afterwards?"

DL: "Well, if you're so smart, what do you suggest?"

Wanda: "We have to work together. Use our abilities to compliment each other and exploit their weaknesses."

DL: "Not seeing a whole lot of weaknesses on their side."

Exodus: "Nor do I. But it is only because we haven't looked hard enough. Trust me, no matter how invincible an opponent seems, or how well one plans, there is always some vulnerability to exploit."

Kyle: "I can vouch for that. Why do you think the bad guy always loses," he says with a smile. Exodus, Proctor, and Deadline look at Kyle, while Wanda rolls her eyes. "Um, something I said?"

Exodus: "Lord Magneto's daughter is correct, we will need teamwork for this match."

Wanda: "I do have a name. Two of them, in fact." Exodus ignores her.

Proctor: "I have an idea."

Kyle: "We're all ears..."
"I have an idea."


Proctor: "We are in a facility with a variety of weapons and devices that can rob our opponents of their powers. But they can obviously do the same for us. Especially with a speedster and teleporter. We need to level the playing field, or make sure only we get that advantage."

As the battle begins, Kyle focuses all his will on his ring. A massive green electromagnetic pulse spreads out from his body, passing through the walls, and extending in a sphere to encompass the prison. Some shielded rooms may have been protected, but most aren't. Ghost slams the security panel in anger. All the defenses he had been setting up have just been shut down. Even his suit reacted badly, but seems to be doing fine. Hadrian's systems flicker, but compensate. Yet the damage has been done.

Proctor: "Hadrian and Zoom are the most worrisome. They have the ability to be anywhere, at anytime , fighting any of us, as they see fit. So we have to make sure they have no choice but to be where we want them to be."

As Kyle is letting looses his EMP, Exodus sits on the floor, concentrating. Through sheer effort, he seizes hold of Zolomon's mind. It takes everything Exodus has to hold Zoom in place, his mind just barely accessible.

Noticing his ally can't move, Hadrian begins scanning. He locates a massive source of psionic energy and teleports to Exodus' location to stop him.

Proctor: "And once we have them where we want them, we'll have to move fast to find Zoom, and be ready for the teleporter."

Hadian appears in the lower level, floating above, and to the side, of Exodus. Ready to blast the mutant, Hadrian is stopped as his sensors ring out. But he can't react in time as Proctor teleports behind him and runs him through with his blade, blasting the hole with energy. A vicious flurry of sword wielding and hacking at the android. And a temporary stalemate between damage and regeneration, Ebony Blade and android firepower, keeps Proctor and Hadrian too busy to help their teammates.

Proctor: "And with Hadrian occupied, Something will have to be done with Zoom. And quickly..."

Barreling down the corridors of the prison, using his ring to scan for any temporal anomalies, Kyle finds Zoom. He doesn't even consider slowing down as he blast past the Ghost, grabs Zoom in a bubble, and takes him away. Trapped in the bubble, Kyle blasts Zoom with energy, severing the connection with Exodus, yet knocking Zoom out. But, not knowing if Zoom can heal as fast as the other speedsters he worked with, and knowing his teammates will need his help for this plan to work, Kyle rushes back towards the battle. He stops only for a moment to lock Zoom into what looks like a fairly strong cell. Kyle can only hope it holds him.

Proctor: "...so Exodus can rejoin the fight."

Proctor swings his blade again, but Hadrian is gone. Proctor looks around in confusion, but is blasted from behind. Hadrian had focused his repairs on his damaged stealth system and, now invisible, has the clear advantage. Proctor takes a nasty blow, knocking him across the room.

Hadrian presses the attack, but is slammed into a wall himself by an unseen force. Exodus stands, his hand extended, pointing towards the invisible Hadrian. "I can feel you. Telekinetically." Quickly probing Hadrian's body, Exodus finds the remaining damage, exploiting it. With effort, he rips Hadrian's body apart.

"That won't stop him," Proctor says, spitting out some blood. "We underestimated his ability to regenerate.

"Then we'll just have to improvise," Exodus says. He and Proctor take the pieces of Hadrian to different areas of the prison, away from the rest of the battle.

And while all that was going on...

-Part 2 to come-
The Deadly Dozen

Key Advantages
There are several factors that give my team the edge in this fight.

Speed: Wiegeabo’s ubers, Green Lantern and Exodus, are capable of attacking at the speed of thought. Think that sounds fast? It’s not – not when I have Hadrian, an Android who thinks and reacts far faster than a human being (as evidenced by his fights with super-fast foes like Mr. Majestic). And that’s to say nothing of Zoom, who can literally run rings around the Flash and makes Superman look as motionless as a statue by comparison.

Combine that with the fact that Hadrian can immediately teleport an opponent to any place on the battlefield (without even having to know where they are first) and that basically guarantees my team will get the drop on our opponents, and that they'll be able to dictate who fights whom.

Control of the Battlefield:I’ve got a super-hacker in the Ghost and a sophisticated android in Hadrian, both of who can interface with and control technology. In a high-tech prison environment like this one, that means we can:
- view floor plans and prisoner registries from the prison’s computer system, so we know what’s in every inch of the battlefield and which superhuman criminals the various cells were built to contain
- take control of the security system, to use countermeasures designed to contain super-criminals against our opponents
- utilize the prison’s surveillance system to keep tabs on everything that happens during the course of the battle
If we need even more info on the battlefield, Zoom can search it as thoroughly as we could ever want thanks to his super-speed.

Team Cohesiveness:Wiegeabo’s team mixes honorable heroes like Green Lantern and the Scarlet Witch with despicable villains like Exodus and Proctor. These characters will hate each other too much to work well together, and will never be able to agree on a strategy thanks to their vastly different levels of ruthlessness. Meanwhile, my team is pretty much ruthless from top to bottom. I have outright villains like Zoom and the Ghost, and heroes possessed by evil like Hadrian (Daemonite) and Invisible Woman (Malice). Even my most heroic character, Ambrose Chase, uses firearms as his principal weapon. This is a team that’s willing to do what it takes to get the job done, even if it means getting their hands dirty.

Regarding Wieg’s team, maybe his intent is for the heroes to simply be mind controlled by Exodus and Proctor, but I question whether they could function at maximum effectiveness in such a state. (And that’s assuming someone as powerful as Kyle Rayner couldn’t find a way to block the control.)

The Battle

In the first fraction of a second after the fight begins, before most of the participants have a chance to react, Hadrian teleports Green Lantern into a large warehouse-like room. Normally its purpose is to house assorted high-tech equipment when it’s not in use (such as after the prisoners these devices were made to contain have been released.) Today, its purpose is to give Zoom enough room to use his speed to maximum effect in his battle against Kyle Rayner. Hadrian has to hope that edge will be enough, as he’s already moved on to his true target – Exodus.

Hadrian vs. Exodus and Proctor
On the far side of the prison from where Kyle Rayner now battles Zoom, Hadrian now materializes. My team hopes to keep the opposition’s most powerful fighters separated to prevent them from aiding each other. Immediately, Hadrian fires an energy blast, simultaneously teleporting Exodus into its path. The attack is timed perfectly, giving the mutant no chance to dodge.

He doesn’t need one, as the attack richochets off Exodus’s telekinetic forcefield. He senses immediately that Hadrian is an android – and as such, immune to his telepathic abilities. So instead, Exodus fires a blast of telekinetic force. But just as quickly, Hadrian teleports out of the way.

Now behind his foe, Hadrian reassesses the situation with a speed only a computerized mind can muster. Exodus’s telekinesis is even stronger than he feared – trying to batter through his forcefield would be a long and risky process. Instead, he falls back on the one attack a forcefield can’t stop – teleportation.

Hadrian teleports Exodus again and again, sending him from one side of the room to the other, flipping him upside-down and sideways, while at the same time teleporting himself all around Exodus so the mutant never knows which way to strike. The effect is severely disorienting, just as Hadrian hoped it would be – a disoriented Exodus can’t summon the mental concentration needed to use his psionic abilities to their fullest extent. Several wild telekinetic blows miss their mark, as Hadrian continues his assault. Exodus sends out a telepathic call to his teammates just as Hadrian delivers what he hopes will be the coup de grace – teleporting two miniature explosive devices (from the Ghost’s arsenal) past Exodus’s forcefield and directly into his ear canals, where they explode with a truly deafening bang.

Hadrian has not a moment to admire his handiwork, as his android senses alert him that one of Exodus’s teammates has answered his call. Hadrian raises his forcefield, just as Proctor – having teleported in behind him, brings the enchanted Ebony Blade slashing down. To Hadrian’s surprise, the magical sword passes straight through his forcefield. Despite his best efforts to dodge, the single stroke of the blade removes Hadrian’s right arm and portion of his chest.

But it takes more damage than that to put Hadrian down. Even as his body starts to knit itself back together, he fires an energy blast at Proctor. Proctor teleports out of the way, and attacks again with an attempted decapitation. Hadrian teleports out of the blade's path mere seconds before it connects, materializing on the far side of the room and firing another energy blast, which Proctor again evades.

“You’re slowing,” says Exodus, as Hadrian finds himself caught in his telekinetic grip. “Surely you didn’t think I could be defeated so easily.” As Exodus taunts, Proctor leaps forward for the killing strike.

Not slowing – playing possum, Hadrian is tempted to answer. Unbeknownst to these foes his body has withstood far more serious damage without significant impairment. But instead of replying, Hadrian lets his actions speak for him, teleporting Proctor right behind Exodus at the moment of his attack. The sword cuts through Exodus’s forcefield just as it did Hadrian's, and takes the mutant’s head clean off. Proctor’s momentary shock is all Hadrian needs to teleport beside him and forcibly impale him on his own sword.

Zoom and Invisible Woman vs. Green Lantern
While Hadrian fought his battles, Zoom was fighting one of his own, against Green Lantern. Zoom’s speed puts even the Flash to shame, so Kyle Rayner can’t even hope to perceive him. With Kyle comparatively frozen like a statue, Zoom zips around him raining down punch after punch. The sheer speed of the blows makes them hit as hard as if they were thrown by Superman himself.

If Kyle had not started the battle with his personal forcefield in place, it would have been all over before he knew it. As it is, within the first second of the fight, innumerable punches have already landed, and it is only by an incredible act of will that Kyle manages to maintain his shield. Attempting to aim a strike for Zoom is hopeless – at this speed, he’s essentially invisible. If Zoom wanted, he could run from one side of the prison to the other between blows – hell, he could run a thousand laps around metropolis. But he figures simply racing all around the room is sufficient. His mistake.

With a thought, Kyle instantaneously surrounds the entire room with an impenetrable forcefield. He then expands his own protective forcefield outward until it extends all the way to the outer field, crushing Zoom between the two. Of course, in the fraction of a second it takes to do this, Zoom batters both forcefields with a few million more ultra-high speed blows. Somehow, Kyle hangs on, with the two forcefields finally pinning Zoom and crushing him until he blacks out. But the concentration and raw force of will needed to fend off such a barrage of attacks has left Kyle feeling like his head is splitting open – and unfortunately for him, that feeling is about to get much worse.

From an adjacent room, Malice waits, invisible of course, and watches the fight by means of the security system. (If necessary, she can also make a portion of the wall invisible to create an instant window.) Of course, most of it happens much to fast for her to perceive, but she sees what she needs to – Zoom lying on the ground, defeated. Not waiting for Kyle to recover, she generates an expanding mass of invisible spikes within the center of his brain. Though he wields the most powerful weapon in the universe, underneath it all Kyle Rayner is an ordinary man of flesh and blood, and with his gray matter torn to shreads, he falls.

The Ghost and Ambrose Chase vs. Deadline and the Scarlet Witch

In another part of the prison, Deadline and the Scarlet Witch search for their opponents. This wing of Strycker’s is devoted to housing non-superhuman criminals – mostly, it consists of small cells and narrow corridors. Suddenly, the Ghost cuts across the hall, running in through one wall and out through another. Of course Deadline can phase too, but he resists the temptation to follow the Ghost through the wall.

“A trap,” he mutters to Wanda, and instead he takes flight, carrying the Scarlet Witch along on his flying discs and through a corridor they’d mapped out previously. Their goal is to circle behind the Ghost and take him by surprise, but although it takes only a moment to reach his position, they find that he’s disappeared. He can’t have moved that fast, Deadline thinks. But he has other means besides his eyes to find someone, such as the enhanced hearing provided by his high-tech helmet. Concentrating, Deadline is able to make out a heartbeat. He aims a plasma gun and fires.

The blast tears through an invisible heartbeat decoy. At the same time, the Ghost – whose suit also mutes sound while he’s invisible – tosses a bomb at Deadline’s and Scarlet Witch’s backs. They spin around just in time to see the Ghost become visible – meaning he’s switched to intangibility mode. The bomb explodes.

[Note: The sound suppressing tech and heartbeat decoys are things Ghost has used in the comics. He developed these countermeasures after Iron Man was able to detect him by his heart beat. Thus, he’d be prepared for the possibility that a high-tech opponent like Deadline might try the same tactic.]

The explosion clears, and neither Deadline nor the Scarlet Witch are hurt. Ghost figured Deadline would survive, but he didn’t know until this moment that Deadline could also extend his intangibility to someone he’s touching.

“Plan B,” the Ghost says into a radio headset, signaling Ambrose Chase. Ambrose had used the prison surveillance system to monitor Deadline and Scarlet Witch and steer clear of them to give Ghost space to try and take down Scarlet Witch, who my team felt was the biggest x-factor in their plan. At this point, Ambrose is three floors above the conflict, but he takes the most direct root to the battle – leaping into a large ventilation shaft and using his physics altering powers to run straight down its vertical surface.

Ghost however still has one more trick up his sleeve. He activates a command he programmed into the Stryker’s central computer, causing a prerecorded sound to be played through the intercom at maximum volume. Specifically, an agonizing high-frequency screeching sound – one which is of course filtered out by the earplugs Ghost provided to himself and his teammates. Deadline and Scarlet Witch instinctively cover their ears (of course since they can hear while intangible they have no immunity to painful noise) and this causes Deadline to release his grip on Wanda’s arm, rendering her immediately tangible once more. Ghost fires a blast from his gun at the same time as Wanda fires a hex bolt back at him. Both shots land – Ghost’s suit overloads and goes haywire thanks to Wanda’s probability altering power, while the Scarlet Witch has a sizable chunk torn out of her shoulder.

At that very moment, Ambrose arrives. His physics altering field increases gravity around the grate leading to the air vent overhead, and with the structure unable to support its weight, it falls right on top of Deadline. Of course, it passes harmlessly through his intangible body. But right behind the grate is a sizeable pile of ultra-high density restraints – used to secure prisoners with a high-degree of superstrength. Having found these during prep-time, my team realized they might be perfect for use against their intangible opponent. The Ghost even tested them and found they were too dense to phase through. Of course, Ambrose would never have been able to carry them here but for the fact that his gravity altering powers allow him to make things lighter, too. Now he makes them as heavy as possible, and the full weight falls on Deadline, slamming him into unconsciousness.

Scarlet Witch, still bleeding profusely from Ghost’s attack, manages to fire a hex bolt at Ambrose, but he alters time around himself to give him the speed to dodge, and runs towards her along the ceiling of the hall. She looks up at him, taking aim for another hex, but her reaction slows, as her own head has now passed into the time-altering field of the man standing over her. Her head, but not her shoulder beneath it, which continues bleeding as fast as ever. Wanda’s slowed thoughts fade to black as she passes out from loss of blood.

The Deadly Dozen Win
I'm not really sure when Wieg is opening voting, but i probably won't be finished with my writeup until sometime tomorrow. Sorry, it's been a busy work week. But in case I miss the "deadline", let me just remind everyone that we are allowed to submit writeups after voting opens and it's standard practice in the DTL to wait to vote for people to get their writeup in if at all possible. So I'd appreciate it if everyone could hold off voting in this match until I get mine up. (At this point it looks like Wieg still has only finished his prep-time, so maybe I needn't worry, but I don't know if he's about to post his writeup and then open the votes.)

By the way, why not put something in the first post of each match like: Voting will open on Thursday at approximately 9 PM, or whatever. I'd find that less confusing than "day 5". I mean, if you posted in the evening of the 26th, does that make the 26th day 1? Or would it be the 27th?
XFanTim said:
By the way, why not put something in the first post of each match like: Voting will open on Thursday at approximately 9 PM, or whatever. I'd find that less confusing than "day 5". I mean, if you posted in the evening of the 26th, does that make the 26th day 1? Or would it be the 27th?
I hear that bro.
Unless something comes up at work, I should have at least the first half up soon. Might not be done until tonight.
Mine's looking like it may not be done until late tonight. I've got real work I need to be doing right now, and my wife is probably going to be using our computer for a while this evening. (We've been sharing one computer since my laptop fried.:() It'll be up eventually, though.
-Part 2-

Proctor: "As difficult as their most powerful will be, the other three will be a significant problem. They will most likely be together to cover each other's weaknesses. And it will be difficult to separate them. And for at least two, it will be difficult to just detect them."

Wanda Maximoff carefully makes her way down a corridor. She peeks around a corner, but sees nothing. Like a well trained fighter she steps into the hallway, her senses seemingly heightened. She hates being bait, but what other choice did they have. And there's still nothing. The only activity is a light flickering in the hallway. But she notices something strange. It's as if the flickering seems to be slowing down. And by the time she realizes what's happening, the bubble around her head cuts off her air supply. In slow motion, she falls to her knees, gasping for oxygen, her hand outstretched, trying to force out a hex bolt.

Deadline phases up through the floor, firing at the empty air where the two heartbeats he hears pound. The blasts strike the Invisible Woman's forcefield. A couple of grenades press home the point, forcing the Malice to turn her attention to Dead Line. But her forcefields meet nothing as he just phases through them. So Ambrose Chase decides to do what he did to the Witch, before Deadline gets through their main forcefield to use his guns up close. He slows Dead Line's local time down. But, Chase distracted, the Witch is able to cast a hex spell, changing the probabilities of the local distortion field. Instead of slowing down, or even maintaining his speed, as Wanda had hoped, it speeds Deadline up, letting him do just what he wanted, slam into Deadline as fast as his anti-grav pads can carry him.

Proctor: "The wildcard will be this...Ghost. His intangibility will be difficult to overcome..."

Finally tracking down his lost teammate, Ghost comes upon a sealed cell. He hears a massive crack that shakes the corridor, but the door is dented from the inside, but holds. Ghost opens the door, and is greeted by a yellow blur. "What was that."

"Sonicboom.Didn'twork.Hurtlikehell.WillKILLthatLantern!" Zooms gone, and Ghost follows, phasing through the floor towards the battle.

Proctor: "...so we'll have to work quickly."

Chase's gunfire just bounces off of Deadline de-phased skin. But he succumbs to the gas pellets Deadline hit him with when he smashed into him. But focusing on Ambrose means that Deadline can't keep Malice busy, and she's able to finish Wanda off while expanding a bubble in Deadline's head. Kyle arrives, and is horrified at the sight of Wanda lying on the ground, and Deadline writhing in pain. In a rage he yells and launches himself forward, only to slam into a forcefield. He backs off, grabs his wrist, and blasts the field with all the will and anger he can muster. Malice is force to put all her effort into holding the Lantern back. Deadline just writhes on the ground, trying to regain his senses, unable to help. But his help is unneeded when Exodus and Proctor teleport into the corridor.

Proctor: "And if things do not go as planned, we will need to improvise."

Malice's eyes go wide as the mutant enters her mind, shutting down synapses, and forcing her into unconsciousness. "Tha-" Kyle starts, but doesn't get the chance to finish as Zoom plows Exodus into a wall. Bones break and blood spatters as the mutant crashes through one wall, then another, then another. "Stayoutofmymind!!!" Zoom shouts as he spits on Exodus, not caring if he's alive or dead. Zoloman turns, but it feels like his head is on fire. With blurred vision, he notices someone approach him. Proctor, scrambling Zoom's brain, easily slices his head off with the Blade.

"NOOO!!!" Kyle blasts Proctor in the back. He falls to his knees and tries to stand, but Kyle hits him again. "What did you do?!"

"What needed to be done." Kyle's ring glows. "Wait!" Proctor points. Kyle dodges to the side just before Ghost can pass through him. Proctor pulls his Blade, knowing he can slice even an intangible Ghost to ribbons. Ghost fires a beam, blowing Proctor's sword hand off. Kyle fires, but it goes through Ghost, who goes after Kyle.

Kyle fires again and again, to no avail. He tries to will his ring to work on the intangible enemy, but Ghost presses the advantage too fast. He pushes Kyle up against a wall. "And now you die."

But Kyle just smiles as a phases through the wall behind him. Ghost stops in surprise, not realizing the reason Kyle smiled. Deadline grabs Ghost from behind. Their two incompatible phasing technologies, now on the same frequency, short out. The two scream in pain. And as Kyle reenters the corridor, he can only watch as the two are blasted apart, slumping against opposite walls onto the floor.

And Kyle is left there, numb to all that has happened around him.

Kyle: "So, you really think this will work.? You think we can win?"

Proctor: "If we stick to the plan."
Sorry mine's not done yet. My wife's been monopolizing the computer all night -- understandably so, since she's trying to finish one of the last major papers of her masters degree. I'm not sure why she thinks that's more important than the DTL, though. :huh:

Anyway, I'll post mine sometime on Saturday -- with another five or so days until voting closes, there's no hurry to vote, so I'd appreciate it if everyone waits for it.
I don't have time to do a full write up so I will just do a quick run through. Seeing as how AS hasn't been around for a while I doubt he will mind.

Both our teams has a prep master(Doom and Thanos) and beings with CA(Starhawk and Genis) so as far as prep goes our teams will be very close. However where my team will truly shine is the battle itself.


I hate to say it but my regs are to much for AS's. Ganymede is more skilled and is just as fast with her flight belt and her enhanced stats. Her staff will take Northstar out with a few well placed hits.

Magik 2 knows what MM is capable of so she won't allow herself to be surprised by his dupes. With her teleportation and magic she will have MM down without to much fuss.


Doom 2099 will truly shine in this battle with his technopathy he will literally be able to control most the battle field as well as letting his team know the layout of the place.

As far as MJ goes he will have a very hard time even getting close to Doom let alone taking him out. With his sensors, invisibility, the battle field under his control, and phasing MJ will have little chance against him.


Genis and Weird will go at it. While Genis has a lot of power at hand it matters little to one who is basically immune to energy and can short out Genis's bands(screwing Genis up big time) just by touching them. After using his speed and phasing Weird manages to nab a band and shorts it out sending Genis into fits. This will make Genis easy pickings.

Thanos and Starhawk will be a fierce battle but Starhawk knows all to well how to fight beings with great power(Korvac and Keeper). After an awesome fight Starhawk will stand as the victor. Having used his CA, flight, constructs, speed, strength, and energy manip to simply overcome the mad titan.
Chaos & Order vs. Deadly Dozen
In Jesus' Name vs. Who?

I am voting now as i wont get chance til tomorrow night which will be too late.And to be honest im not just voting Wieg cos he has done a write up im also voting him as i think his team has a better chance.
Nightwing, the thread is open for ten days. (Note the new week-and-a-half schedule.) So far it's been open for six, so there's four more days for voting.

I'd really appreciate it if everyone waits until I have time to finish the last bit of my writeup and respond to Wieg's. Should be done tonight. I know exactly what I want to say, but like I said my wife and I are sharing one computer, and with her having about a week-and-a-half left on her Masters degree and some papers still to finish, I can only get on here for a little bit at a time.
Actually there's not four more days. The new schedule adds an extra day of writing and an extra day of voting. So there's only three days of voting, which is supposed to end tonight.

Now, I'll add another day of voting since no one seems to be active tonight
Now I'm totally confused. There's 10 days total, right? The first post says it was posted on Nov. 26th at 11:30 PM Eastern. So there were only four days (27th-30th) left in November. That means we'd go six days into December. Today is December 2nd. So That leaves four more days.

In what possible way could voting be ending tonight if it's supposed to go for 10 days starting from the 26th? :huh:
I think he truncated that back down to a somewhat shorter schedule so the season wouldn't go into like April. The matches are still open an extra couple days though.

Also, doesn't the match start before the threads open? Like, preparation/research time?
Now I'm totally confused. There's 10 days total, right? The first post says it was posted on Nov. 26th at 11:30 PM Eastern. So there were only four days (27th-30th) left in November. That means we'd go six days into December. Today is December 2nd. So That leaves four more days.

In what possible way could voting be ending tonight if it's supposed to go for 10 days starting from the 26th? :huh:

It's four days for writeups, three days for voting, and three days off for next weeks lineups.

I've reposted in the schedule I suggested in the Discussion thread because I didn't really get any suggestions about it. And, like I say in the repost, we could go with four days of voting. And, this week, it seems that's the way to go.
So I can hold off till tomorrow night on voting?

Is there any likelihood that AS is coming back to the DTL, or should we count him gone?
Wait, I think maybe I get it -- you mean 10 days including when we were submitting writeups. The fact that you said "The threads will be in use for ten days", had me totally confused. Plus, it still says voting ends on Thursday.

Anyway, I guess everyone has at least a day, so I'd still appreciate it if everyone waits for me if possible.
I'm waiting, I just want to make sure my votes won't be thrown out for lateness.
Wait, I think maybe I get it -- you mean 10 days including when we were submitting writeups. The fact that you said "The threads will be in use for ten days", had me totally confused. Plus, it still says voting ends on Thursday.

Anyway, I guess everyone has at least a day, so I'd still appreciate it if everyone waits for me if possible.

You're right, it does say Thursday. I missed that when i was changing the days in my template. Now I understand the confusion.
You're right, it does say Thursday. I missed that when i was changing the days in my template. Now I understand the confusion.
Well, at least I'm not completely nuts for thinking it said we had longer. Although I suppose I really should have understood that the ten days included posting lineups and all that, given that was exactly what I had in mind when I suggested the week-and-a-half schedule in the first place. Ah well, I doubt I could have had it done sooner this week even if I had been clued in on the schedule.

Anyway, my full writeup is up now. I'll post some feedback as soon as I finish reading Wieg's.
Feedback on Wiegeabo's Writeup

Just finished reading Wieg's writeup. Definitely a good read and some clever strategies. I'm going to try not to go into picking nits, but just focusing on the things I think are important. A lot of this ties into my list of advantages that my team has (see the start of my writeup). I'm assuming that everyone read that part -- that's kind of the lynchpin of my debate this week, so please don't just skip down to where it says "Battle".

(1) The Electromagnetic Pulse
I really like this idea, since it attempts to compensate for one of the advantages my team has, namely the fact that we're very well suited to take control of the battlefield tech. The only problem is I don't think Green Lantern would get the chance to launch an opening salvo like that. As I've said, he can react as quick as he can think, but Zoom can react far, far, quicker than Kyle can think -- so he'll already be raining down punches on him within the first nanosecond of the fight. Once he's already locked in combat with a foe like Zoom, I really don't think Kyle will be able to afford to divert his attention to EMPs and such.

(2) Hadrian doesn't need to scan
One of the great things about Hadrian is he can teleport someone to a destination even without knowing where he's teleporting them from. He's sometimes teleported people to him from distant corners of the globe. So it's not like he'd have to spend any time scanning to find Exodus or anyone else. It may seem like a minor thing, but it reemphasizes my point that my team would be attacking yours before they could react -- since Hadrian (whose android reflexes are superior to Kyle or Exodus) could immediately put them in the path of those attacks. It also means my team can basically dictate who fights whom (at least among the ubers -- I thought having Hadrian port random regs around might constitute an illegal attack), and that we can stick your ubers in whatever is the most inhospitable room for them in the whole prison. (I wish I'd had more time to emphasize that last point in my writeup.)

(3) Hadrian is much faster than Proctor
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Proctor doesn't even have Quicksilver-level speed. He certainly doesn't have the speed of someone like Hadrian, who's able to give Superman-level types like Majestic a serious headache. We both pitted Hadrian against Exodus and Proctor, which I thought was interesting, but I had the key to the fight being the fact that Hadrian was fast enough with his teleporting to do things like time a teleport so one of his opponents would hit the other. I think that's more accurate than having him and Proctor basically stalemating, which suggests more equal speed.

(4) I think Kyle trapped Zoom too easily.
Zoom will be moving at maximum speed when the battle begins. He's so fast there's no way Kyle should be able to see him, much less catch him in a bubble. Saying his ring detects the time distortion is a nice thought, but the fact is by the time Kyle's brain registers that info Zoom will already be long gone. At full speed he's so fast Superman couldn't so much as react as Zoom and Flash went zipping by.

Again, I actually took a similar approach, except in mine Zoom made himself vulnerable by making the strategic error of sticking close enough to Kyle that Kyle knew roughly where he was. He did this to focus on dishing out maximum damage to Kyle -- which is the key difference: in yours Kyle comes through unscathed, in mine he's already sustained a hell of a pounding, softening him up for the rest of my team. (I'm giving the benefit of the doubt in assuming he'd still be standing after that.)

(5) Ghost has counters to enhanced hearing
I didn't have Invisible Woman fight Deadline in mine, but I'd think Ghost could provide her with some of the same countermeasures I had him use (e.g., heartbeat decoys). He's used this stuff in the comics to counter the exact same tactics from Iron Man (who'd used those tactics successfully against Ghost in a previous battle).

For anyone with a long memory, I didn't mention this when Khell and I were discussing similar tactics against Ghost in week 1, for no better reason than that I didn't know about it yet. I've read up on him more since then. He's constantly upgrading his tech, so what's worked against him in the past often won't work a second time.
I vote Wiegs and Who?.

Tim, I'm starting to notice that, at least in my opinion, you overstate the case for your regs quite a bit. Yes, you've hit the point that Zoom moves so fast Superman looks frozen--but all Zoom was doing was running around the world. Not much critical thinking, strategy, or thought involved in that. No decisionmaking. When he's in an actual fight with somebody, he just isn't going to move like that. Not in the comics, and not in the DTL. If he was moving like that, with the ramifications you indicate, he would never be defeated and would simply annihilate the Earth's population. And you know what that would make him: too uber.

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