DTL Season 6-Week 5 (Set 1)

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Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of two threads containing matches.
These threads will be in use for 7 days. Days 1-4 (Dec 5-8) are strictly setup time for owners to post their battles, plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help. Debating cannot begin until both owners post battles.

On Day 5 (Dec 9) I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count. Look over the matchups and read the strategies, and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match. (Note: The length of a writeup is at the discretion of the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember to vote for all matches or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 7th day (Dec 11) will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: Mogo

Chaos & Order
Maxima (DU) - Super strength, durability, flight, mental and energy powers
Shanzar (MU) - Sorcerer Supreme of the Strange Matter Universe.
Scarlet Witch (MM) - Probability manipulating mutant mage.
Ambrose Chase (DR) - Localized selective physics distortion field.
Proctor (MR) - Super strength, durability, teleportation, energy blasts, Ebony Blade.


The Immortals
Hulk (WWH) (MU)
Bizzaro (DU)
Venom (Punisher) (MM)
Midnighter (MR)
Ant-Man (Scott Lang) (MR)


Heroes of the New Age
Captain Britain
Black Panther


The Authorititans
Mr. Majestic (DU)--Superstrength, superspeed, Flight, supervision, superbreath, energy projection, psonic/telekentic
Spartan/Void (DU)--Flight, superstrength, energy manipulation, teleportation
Engineer (DM)--Nanite technopath
Anarky (DR)--Genius, martial arts expertise
Quicksilver (DR)--Superspeed
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Prep-Time here...

Maxima knows about Bizzaro. She was on the Justice League after all. And given her attraction to Superman, she's no doubt looked up everything about him.

Shanzar's fought Hulk before. Not this powerful of a Hulk, but he'll have that experience behind him.

Venom and Ant-Man won't be a mystery either. Midnighter will be the wildcard, and it'll be this group of three that the team will have ot prepare for.

As for taking Mogo into account, it's doubtful that he'll get involved since there isn't a Lantern to communicate with him. Besides, the only one on the battlefield who may even know about Mogo is Maxima, and there's no guarantee of that. But, if Mogo decided to get involved with the battle going on, and digging up, his surface, Maxima would have the best change of convincing him to side with Chaos & Order since she can say she's worked with Lanterns before.
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Battle-Time here...

Maxima should have no problem with Bizarro. Sure he's a dangerous threat, but all she has to do is a little bit of flirting and reverse complimenting, and she'll have Bizarro eating out of her hand. And fighting his own team.

Shanzar is a match for Hulk with his magics. And even if this version of Hulk can resist better than the last time these two met in the comics, Shanzar can possess just possess him. He's done it before, and I doubt there's anything Hulk can do to stop it. Even if there is, it's going to be Hulk against Maxima, Shanzar, and Bizarro.

More to come...
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Battle Time
The key here is speed. The Turtle is the only element that will keep the HOTNA in the match. Once he's removed, the Authorititans have a clear speed advantage, which gives them choice of matchups, enhancing their already-significant strength/power advantage and their formidable tech/genius advantage.

Spartan/Void vs. Turtle
Turtle doesn't have time to neutralize the entire field of battle before Spartan/Void, who teleports at Flash-level superspeed, gets to him, so he has to rely on his personal field of speed-stealing. However, Spartan is ready for it, and no matter how slow Turtle can make him, Spartan is still teleporting, not running. Speed-stealing doesn't come into play. Spartan takes him down easily.

Majestros vs. Cap B
Maj far outclasses Captain Britain. Add to that the power of Spartan/Void, who neutralizes Turtle in a heartbeat, and Cap's going down.

Engineer vs. Psylocke
Engineer's nanite arsenal gives her the edge in this fight, although it's probably the toughest match for the Authorititans.

Reg Fights
Anarky stalls Black Panther (he has proven his martial arts capabale of at least that much) and can even remove Panther from the battlefield with a boom tube if necessary. Quicksilver attacks Batman at superspeed, and Batman will not be armed with his superspeed countermeasures (they're not in his standard-issue utility belt) and it's unlikely he could have pieced them together in prep time. Once Batman is down, it's two regs on one and Black Panther will lose.

Authorititans for the win.
Even if someone is teleporting speed can be stolen and prevent them from doing it. It still requires atoms to react and move at speed and Turtle can prevent them from moving. I dont buy that someone can teleport away from Turtles ability.Once he has hold of someone they arent getting away. And with that taken into consideration the rest of your write up wouldnt hold substance as you need Turtle to be taken out to effectively win.

Sorry just felt I had to put my 2 cents in then :D
I kind of agree with Nightwing's point in that you can still slow down the reactions someone needs to teleport -- but the thing is, the Turtle can't start the match with his speed-stealing field activated (since he couldn't use it in prep-time), and he doesn't have superhuman reflexes (which Spartan does), so I kind of think Spartan could teleport Turtle into the path of a superstrong punch before he could get the field up.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter, since I'm obviously going to vote for the teams that have writeups. Chaos & Order and The Authorititans.
I would have gotten the rest of my match up, but work kicked me in the nuts this week, and probably into the next. But I don't think the other side could stop the combo of Maxima, Bizzaro, and Shanzar/Hulk. Hell, probably anyone of them could beat the other characters (even if all my lowers fell and Shanzar didn't posses Hulk).


The Authorititans
I am not arguing in theis battle but I seriously doubt this hulk could be taken over by Shanzar so easily. This Hulk had so much rage and so much focus that he was completely immune to telepathy and the combined might of the X-Men couldn't do anything to him.
Voting is now over.
Final Results

Chaos & Order 3
The Immortals 0

Heroes of the New Age 0
The Authorititans 3

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