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Aug 18, 2006
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Make a list of the top ten games at E3, and then vote for the game you were most impressed by.

I deliberately left out games that we've seen at prior E3s or only had a CG trailer or a short teaser.
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That's a toughie. I'd say Titanfall only because I had no prior knowledge of it and was really impressed by what I saw.

Looking forward to a lot of upcoming games tho
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SW: Battlefront. It barely showed anything but it got me the most excited.
Despite the backlash over the XboxOne I thought the Halo reveal trailer took a unexpected approach and was very impressed.
I can't make a top ten list, as there were only six games that I'm actually very interested in. Most of the games I'm probably going to buy (Donkey Kong, Saints Row 4, Super Mario 3D World, Puppeteer, The Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3). But these are games I've already known of for a while and, they aren't high priority games. So the six that I invested a lot of interest in were

6 Killer Instinct
I can't invest too much interest in this one, though. I have no intent on getting an XBox One, and I don't like the idea of having to pretty much download an "empty game" and then buy every character. I want a complete game. Even if I only wanted to play as one character, friends might want to play with a character(s) I never downloaded (this has happened twice two me; I didn't download Jill Valentine for Ultimate MvC3 and one of my friends plays with her, and for PSASBR I never downloaded Zeus, and one of my friends mained him...) And since I can't, ya know, take a copy of this game over a friend's house, MICROSOFT, they'd have to play on my console with me having to purchase the content they'd want to play with.

But its hard to ignore this one, since I was interested in a Killer Instinct revival.

5 Sonic: Lost World
I always thought the cancelled Sonic X-Treme for the Saturn had potential. This is as close to that as we're going to get. Plus, its rare when I want a Sonic adventure game over a Mario adventure game (I'm going to get Super Mario 3D World, but come on...where is my next gen Super Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy-level grand scale open-world adventure? 3D World, while appreciated, feels like it should have been a companion game annouced alongside a REAL Mario 3D adventure). With Mario disappointing me and Sonic leaving me excited, I have to put this one on my list.

4 Pokémon X/Y
I pretty much semi-retired from Pokémon after Platinum. When Black & White came out, I never finished them (I actually got the Japanese White verison and played it to where you beat Team Plasma at the Pokémon League. Obviously the game continues from there, but I just stopped with that, never continued "part two" of the game's story, and when I got the English titles, I never opened them :p). I never bothered with Black/White 2, a first for me since I have owned every main Pokémon game since (Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, Diamon, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White...then I stopped). I can't explain why I'm actually eager for these games, since I feel like I'm ready to drop Pokémon from my life. Maybe these will be the game that rekindle that spark...or officially end my Pokémon career completely.

3 Final Fantasy XV
I hope this one doesn't burn me. I remember when I first saw FF13. I KNEW that was the game for me. And I hated it. And it's sequel (FF13 Two). But ever since I 1st saw FF Vs. 13, I just had to play that game. Twenty years later (...) its finally coming out as FF15, and it will be the 1st FF since FF9 that I'm going to play (13 and 13 Two can't count since...they sucked and I got rid of them).

2 Super Smash Brothers Wii U/3DS
What can I say? At this point, SSB could very well be my favorite game franchise of all time. I love the game's mechanics, and I'm a huge Nintendo ****e, and Mega Man is one of my all time favorite characters, period.

1 X
Xenoblade was something else. It was an Nintendo game, not Konami, Capcom, or Namco, a NINTENDO game that did not look like a Nintendo game. It was the kind of game your friend could walk in on you playing, and be shocked to see you're playing it with a Wiimote instead of a PlayStation 3 controller. Because it felt like a PS3 game. Nintendo rarely ventures away from its comfort zone. Their games have a distinct look and feel. Xenoblade distanced itself from Nintendo's norm. Nintendo CAN produce these "extremes", and it was nice they let Monolith Soft do it. So taking the creators of Xenoblade and delivering a game that looks like Xenoblade, but on a fantastically larger scale, this is the game I want more than any on this list. And that's saying a lot; frickin' Super Smash Bros.: Mega Man Edition is being developed, and I have a game that out-prioritizes that.
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I'd say 1. Titanfall
2. Ryse
3. Batman AO
4. InFamous
5. Killer Instinct
6. Freakin Smash Bros, man looks amazing
Kingdom Hearts III!

But for the poll, Smash Bros. because the Mega Man reveal was just awesome.
Star Wars: Battlefront

I've waiting 8 years for the sequel to one of my favorite games and it's finally happening
Other than MGSV being at the top, these aren't in any specific order.

Metal Gear Solid V
  • Just...damn. It's probably the most visually impressive next gen thing I've seen so far, and the gameplay looks incredible as well. I've always wanted an open world stealth game, and that it turned out to be Metal Gear is just icing on the cake.

Final Fantasy XV
  • I've been riding the Versus train since it was announced in 2006. It always looked to be by far the most interesting thing to come out of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project, and indeed the most interesting thing to come out of Square as a whole in quite a long time. Versus shedding it's ties to XIII is something I've always wanted to happen, and now that it's been graduated to a numbered title, it feels like a bit of a victory. Also, it helps that it looks ****ing rad.

Super Mario 3D World
  • Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS is my favorite Mario game since Super Mario World. I've never been a huge fan of 3D platformers, and 3D Land helped me understand why that is. I won't go into that, but suffice it to say, I'm really thrilled that Nintendo is taking the 3D Land approach with their next console Mario game.

  • An co-op FPS/RPG hybrid made by one of, if not the best shooter developers in the world. Who wouldn't be excited by that?

  • It's Call of Duty with jetpacks and mechs. That sounds reductionist, but that's exactly what it looks like to me. However, as someone who doesn't hate Call of Duty and has an unhealthy appreciation for all manner of mecha, I think that's enough to make it awesome.

The Division
  • I've always want a near future post-apocalypse game that doesn't involve zombies. Ubisoft seems to be delivering on that.

Battlefield 4
  • I'm beginning to worry that EA and DICE might fall into the Call of Duty trap of putting out sequels that feel too samey to the previous games, but I'll save those complaints for Battlefield 5. For now, Battlefield 4 is looking sharp.

Mercenary Kings
  • The developers of the excellent Scott Pilgrim game are essentially making a new Metal Slug. As someone who absolutely loved playing Metal Slug in the arcades back in the day, I'm pretty happy this game is looking as good as it does.

Hotline Miami 2
  • All I've seen so far is a title screen. If you've played Hotline Miami, you know the mere fact that Hotline Miami 2 exists is enough to earn a spot on any top ten list.

Super Smash Bros.
  • I wasn't initially going to include Smash Bros. on my list, but they really deserve a spot if only for doing what Capcom seems incapable of doing; respecting one of the most iconic characters/franchises in gaming history.
There are a lot of good games coming out. But the only games that made me jump out of my seat were Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3.
Metal Gear, Mirror's Edge, Kingdom Hearts 3
Star Wars Battlefront is the most exciting for me, but from the list above I voted for Assassin's Creed IV. That gameplay video with the ship battle was incredible.
For me it's betweeen Destiny and Killzone...both looked and played AMAZING.
A lot of good, but Watch Dogs impressed me the most. Not counting Kingdom Hearts III!

I'll add a list when typing on a iPad :p
If I had to pick one from the list, it would be Destiny. They haven't even showed the competitive multiplayer aspect of the game yet. I expect greatness. This could be "halo" big. Maybe bigger.
i think its going to be bigger, it looked incredible
I vote Battlefield 4.

I don't own or plan to own a Wii U but I give Super Smash Bros. an honorable mention. It looks extremely fun and the Mega Man reveal is my favorite footage from this year's E3.
1.) MGSV: Damn.

2.) Destiny: Still my most anticipated PS4 title. Really enjoyed the look of a more "serious and scifi" Borderlands...And I'm sure it will be much more than that.

3.) Super Smash Bros.: Can't wait to get both 3DS and WiiU versions...I have a feeling Mega Man will be over used...But I'll be one of the people over using him. X skin DLC + Zero please.

4.) Tom Clancy's The Division

5.) Watch Dogs

6.) Killzone Shadowfall.

Honorable mention: Elder Scrolls Online: The fact that it's going to be on consoles, plus having an exclusive Beta on the PS4 really put this on my map. I enjoy TES but expected that I wouldn't be playing this due to me not having a gaming rig...However, I now will be able to do so.
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Yeah, very excited for The Elder Scrolls: Online. Really didn't expect it on the PS4. It's going to be fun exploring with other actual people for a change.

The Division is looking great too.
Haven't seen all (or even most) of these yet but The Division and Destiny are what's got me most interested from the stuff I have seen.

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