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E3: Previews, Online Articles, Pics, and more.

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Nov 17, 2005
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Post it all here. Here's a preview that I just found:


Ah, E3 2006. The spectacle that is one of the biggest gaming press events of the year. Gamers get all drooly at the announcements that reveal themselves from the pre-show press conferences and on the floor, all while checking out the free schwag that lucky editors pick up and booth babe photos that should still surface this year, even with the limitations put into play to hide the skin.

This year, it seems a lot of discussion is going around with the first party companies that have arsenals all their own. Nintendo's showing off their oddly-named Wii console, as well as various titles for the Nintendo DS and GameCube; Microsoft plans to show strong support for the Xbox 360, including a rumored trailer for Halo 3 and Forza Motorsport 2, and Sony has their hands full with plenty of new PSP games, as well as the PlayStation 3 and the forthcoming behemoth God of War II.

But I think in the midst of the strengthened first parties, we're forgetting about the companies that will really shake things up at the event- the third parties. Yep, third party support plays a crucial part for any system, with a number of companies providing innovative (and not so innovative) software to give the consumer more choices than the first-party companies can dish out. Throughout the years, third party companies have come up with a few shockers all their own, and this year looks to be no exception. So, without further ado, let's break down the third party outlook for E3 2006, complete with games we know exist and games we'd like to see.

2K Games

The Da Vinci Code (PS2)
2K Games did pretty good last year, what with such titles as 24: The Game and Serious Sam II showing great appeal and a number of sports games that managed to put smiles on the faces of the sports fiends out there. This year looks to be a strong year for them, even with the recent dismantling of the development team at Indie Built.

What the company should have on hand: It's a sure bet that we'll get a glimpse at the latest incarnations of NBA 2K, NHL 2K, and College Hoops 2K, as sports games play a big part for this company. On the 2K Games side of things, we'll have a chance to see if The Da Vinci Code is up to par, and get a glimpse at the forthcoming next-gen Bioshock. The Darkness and Prey should also make an appearance, and PC lovers should dig in to the new Dungeon Siege games on the floor, as well as Sid Meier's Railroads! and some new Civilization titles.

What we'd like to see: Well, it was rumored that 2K Games would be going after the franchise for the forthcoming Ghost Rider movie, and, now that it's confirmed, we expect the flaming skullhead to make some kind of appearance at the show. Not in person, mind you. You try to get an autograph from him and your notepad will go up in flames.


The company behind many of Marvel's successful games and a number of sporting titles is back for more at this year's E3, and they should have a successful line of games just waiting to pounce upon the public.

What the company should have on hand: Activision should provide gamers a first glimpse of the forthcoming X3: The Last Stand video game, as well as hints as to how Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is coming along: Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam should make an appearance, capped off by the skater himself; Enemy Territory: Quake Wars should rock a few fillings; and Spider-Man 3 is bound to show up, at least on video.

What we'd like to see: Venom getting his own game probably isn't that bad an idea. And while we're at it, how about a little something more in the Call of Duty line-up?


Stuffed away in a minor room at last year's E3, Atlus still had plenty of great games to show off to the public, and the hardcore RPG publisher should have a few offerings up their sleeve for this year.

What the company should have on hand: Steambot Chronicles for the PS2 (see our recent hands-on report for details) will be shown in near-final form to gain some hype, along with the forthcoming Contact for the Nintendo DS and possibly a new Super Robot Taisen title for the Game Boy Advance.

What we'd like to see: Digital Devil Saga 3 wouldn't hurt, and we'd like to see some more RPG titles announced.

Bethesda Softworks

Obvlivion (Xbox 360)
Well, Bethesda did have this one small title cooking up at last year's event, I dunno if anyone remembers it. Oblivion something rather. But this year, their offerings, while a bit more limited, should still appeal.

What the company should have on hand: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow is set to tie in with the forthcoming sequel, due in theaters this July. Don't look for Johnny Depp's voice to make the cut however. Pity. Bethesda should also be doing something with their newly acquired Star Trek license, and maybe showing off early forms of Tactical Assault for the handhelds and Legacy for the 360.

What we'd like to see: It'd be interesting to see how Oblivion is panning out for the PS3 and PSP. I don't see why they'd miss this opportunity, what with the hot sales of the 360 version.

Buena Vista Games

Normally making an example for Disney licensed and family friendly games, Buena Vista Games looks to be heading in a slightly new direction, thanks to a stellar deal with the folks at Q Entertainment and a couple of original titles.

What the company should have on hand: Lumines II, as part of the Q Entertainment deal, will be a big title at the Buena Vista booth, showing off its puzzling genius once again. Lumines Plus is also expected to make an appearance, bringing the hit game to the PlayStation 2. Every Extend Extra, a unique shooter/puzzle game for the PSP, should also be on hand, as well as Meteos: Disney Edition and Spectrobes for the Nintendo DS. It'll be quite the change of pace from usual licensed Disney fare, although the company will still have lots of family offerings on hand.

What we'd like to see: Some kind of glimpse at the new Turok game that the company has been currently working on, as well as Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which is in production for next-gen consoles to coincide with next year's concluding movie chapter. As for Desperate Housewives...meh.


Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)
This company seems to have a standout showcase every year, and last year was no exception, as audiences got an initial taste of Okami for the PS2 and Capcom Classics Collection for consoles. This year's line-up looks to be pretty damn hot.

What the company should have on hand: Puh-lenty. Aside from the likes of such PSP games as Capcom Puzzle World, Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded, Monster Hunter Freedom, Power Stone Collection, and Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins, the Xbox 360 will get some attention with Lost Planet and Dead Rising; Okami will make a return trip as it suits up for its summer release; and Street Fighter Alpha Anthology should bust a few heads. Some surprise new announcements may make the move as well.

What we'd like to see: Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 5, and plenty of them, although we'll probably just get treated to brief trailers again. It'd be great if Mega Man ZX got an announcement for the DS, though, and Capcom Classics Collection II and God Hand would be just dandy.

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Resident Evil 5 ought to be amazing. I hope they have another boss like "El Gigante" since he was the best. If it wasn't in the desert I'd want another lake boss.
XwolverineX said:
We have an ' E3 ' thread.

Ok now we have an online articles E3 thread. Just like in the X3 forums how there's an online articles thread. Mkay.

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