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Eaglesmoss DC Collection - First Issue = Batman





THAT BATMAN "figurine"...

Is absolutely...AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

How big is it? What is it made of? I want one...

but I don't care about the other stuff...or subscribing lol

not sure i'm crazy about the little figures being made of lead, but how do i sign up for this in the US???
I think I saw this magazine in a newsagent the other day. The figure looks like a piece of crap.
I'm sure i've seen that super sized figure before... whos it made by? and how big is it ?

I'm going to sub for this to get the big one... :D
HOLY CRAP!! Those figs are amazing, I want all of them.
I got the first issue, that little figure is great. Wish we had some more info about the bigger statue.
Here are some pictures I took:

Picked up the first issue of the Eaglemoss collection and was quite impressed with the Batman figurine. Some of the paint is a bit sloppy so if there's a few on the shelf you might be best looking through them to make sure you get the best one. But overall the figures are quite small (just slightly smaller than a Hasbro Star Wars figure) and they are detailed and mass market so you can forgive the faults.

I'm waiting for Superman to come out, I don't think I'll buy them all but I'll get the majority of them and I hope this line ends up becoming as detailed as the Marvel Figurine collection.
The lead figure is nothing special... but this:


... is.
Is it just the figure or does a comic book come with it?

If your talking about the little figure... then yes a magazine comes with it detailing some of Batman's history!

You need to subscribe to the company, in order to receive the big statue.

It was definitely worth it. Upcoming issues seem a bit pricey though!
Hi there,

I've received 3 issues in total, with 3 hand painted DC figures.

Superman (who I was most looking forward to receiving!) was in a terrible state!!:cmad:

I have written the following letter to Eaglemoss but still not received a reply:

...the Superman figurine was extremely badly painted, and even had a hair stuck to the paint on the back! There are chips of paint missing from the legs on the front, and from the back of the cape. The paint has also been badly positioned over elements where other paint was meant to be placed, effecting the back insignia and the back of head. There are darker, drip-like blotches on the bottom of the cape. And even the overall colour is light and appears faded when compared against the other 2 figurines...

Is this a common problem with Eaglesmoss? Are some figurines noticeably worse than others? I cannot take it back to the shop because it came in the post.

Does anyone else have any experiences they can share here? I would like to know what to do next because there are a lot more to come, and I don't want to end up spending over £600 if they are not being painted or checked properly.

Thank you for any advice - I will post the reply from Eaglemoss as soon as they contact me.
Looks good. I would have preferred the JLA figures be put aside for a, well, JLA issue, and instead have a few more "Bat-Universe" figures.

Anyone got any more pictures of this? I was wondering about the size.

...been waiting for more than 6 weeks to receive one after taking out a subscription.

In a letter from Eaglemoss:

"Despatch 1: Binder (delayed due to production difficulties)
Despatch 2: Plinth
Despatch 3: Batman Figurine on Rooftop"

And then Eaglemoss added that "free gifts can be expected within the first three deliveries." Which means probably waiting another 4-6 weeks still.

Hopefully it has been better painted than the other ones - they say that each figure is "hand-painted by professionals" which is laughable given the condition Superman arrived in. I had a 'hair' from one of these professions, so perhaps one day we can re-sequence the guy in a lab and really see if he is a professional.

Having said all that though - the publications that come with the figures are excellent, but could do with being a bit bigger at only 17 pages of actual text. They are a great place to start and best of all have tips for recommended reading.
Eaglemoss have sent out a new Superman figure, along with another copy of the accompanying issue!

Fantastic response. Unfortunately they sent it to my billing address, not my postal address. But as soon as I have it in my clutches, I'll post the photos.
I was wondering i'm from the US and was wondering if I order it what would happen. Cause they let you type your address but only have two countries.:huh:
I've seen a few of these figures & they look pretty cool. I just wish they were bigger. If you go to the website there's a picture of a guy painting a figure & he's holding it in his hand. That pic gives you a really good idea how small they are. Otherwise it is pretty cool that there are "foreign" items to collect. I might only buy the Batman-related characters.

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