Batman Begins END CREDITS DVD on MP3?


May 27, 2004
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ok a few weeks ago some guy kindly offer to get the end credits song and put it on mp3, since it wasnt on the soundtrack, so if ur reading this, are u still doing it? i still cant believe one of the best tracks wasnt included in the soundtrack, anyway if putting it on mp3 is possible, please do, thanks
is this the same posted some time ago? cause the guy who said he would, said that due to the quality it would be better to get it from the dvd....
Rajkay said:
Thx........ I've taken the same file and added some tags so the end song now fits in line with the other 12. I wouldn't bother redownloadin unless ur on a fast connection!

Can someone reupload this song please? I have a version but it's fuzzy and the beginning is cut off. So, if somebody could do that I'd be very grateful.

here's my link
i recorded it straight from dvd thru a high-quality, no-noise audio card, amped it up and normalised it, so I believe it's a very good version of the end credits.
If you want the BEST Qualtiy of the End Credits then Rip it as AC3 (DVD Quality Audio) then Convert the AC3 to Wave (so you can edit what you want etc) then convert that wave to MP3 then you have DVD Quality Sounding End Credits right from the AC3 File.
Thanks a lot Anita18.

Sorry Batman2005, couldn't get yours to work. Something about not being compatible with Windows Media Player.

Maybe we should keep this thread alive until the definitive recording is made like MvTrlrMsc said. The credits song compilation is way too good to let it fall to the wayside.
does anybody have a newer version of this i could download please? thankyou
Like "Plycotus", but what's the motivation? Which bat species is it?
I called mine "Chiroptera", the full name for bat species, as a.. summary, of the movie, you can say.
Can't remember the species, but to be honest I picked the name coz I thought it seemed to fit in pretty good with the naming of the other 12 quote b89 "I just like the sound of it"

Yeah, I'm new to the boards and I've desperately tried to get the ending credits song on my MP3 with no luck.

Can anyone please re-post it?:)
Bumpity bump.

Requesting re-upload of the "End credits" audio file ASAP.

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