Ever heard of Fatboy's Drive In??

We had one of those, and it closed down a looong time ago.
Yeah it was a good place. Really busy when it first started out, but near the end, nobody ever went there....:(
poor fudruckers. I think i'm gonna head to mcdonalds right now actually.
Just wondering...

I work there, and the brochure brags how famous we are. It's wierd to see people taking pictures in front of the sign.

And Mr. A, shaddup!

Originally posted by Mr.Anderson
I like you Midknight, but I cannot and will not miss the oppurtunity to post this.....again...............



Is that the head chef at Fatboy's :)
Hi there, saw your post about Fatboy drive-in

There is one and I think only one! and it is Brunswick Maine and worth the trip.
It has been here for ever and I mean like 50+ years, great hang out for kids and good food for cheap!

try it out
There is one in Burbank, IL, not sure if its still there though, was when I moved out a few years back.
I am not familiar with that particular establishment.

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