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World Evolution making a comeback??


Uncle Charlie
Nov 9, 2005
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Ok, I was just on wikipedia.org and was checking out their article for X3. In trivia it said, that it has been rumored that after X3's debut Evolution may come back with a brand new season. Could this be why Marvel is distributing Season 3 out right in late May? Are they getting ready for Evolution's comeback???
No its no comeing back your mistaken it for the new wolverine show comeing out.Also never belive anything on Wiki.
Yeah one time on Wiki, I edited the Storm article so that at the last line of her powers it sayed that her most powerfull move was salsa dancing....but it got deleted :(
Damn it. I was totally geeking out when I saw the title. Never trust ANYTHING said on Wikipedia. It's completely unreliable. Anyone could've edited it.

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