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Ezra Miller IS the Flash

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Funny enough, I feel the exact opposite ! The more I think about this casting, the more I LOVE it because it seems solely based on Ezra's acting chops and unusual personna.

I mean, why else would WB cast him ? The guy's a complete unknown for 99% of the GA. He never starred in a hit TV show and never had a Box Office success. He does not look like a typical Hollywood leading man at all, even less like a Superhero and even less like any incarnation of The Flash !! Oh and yeah, he's Queer, whatever that means !

WB, Zack Snyder and whoever is in charge must see something REALLY special in that guy to make him portray one of their most popular Superhero and/or he must PERFECTLY fits their vision, which brings us to my next point...

This casting gives us absolutely NOTHING about the direction WB is going with the Flash. Based on his earlier work, Ezra could do almost anything and nail it, imo :

Dark & Gritty Flash ? He can do that. Witty & Charismatic Flash ? He can do that. Weirdo & Awkward Flash ? He can do that. Shy & Lighthearted Flash ? He can do that. Fun & Rebellious Flash ? He can do that. Pretentious & Obnoxious Flash ? He can do that etc...

The only departement where Ezra doesn't quite fit is his looks, which is completly irrelevant. We all know that Zack Snyder is gonna make him hit the Gym and quit the pot.

Honestly, I think that Ezra has the potential to be AMAZING and way more memorable than Grant Gustin as Flash.

:up: yes, I like his versatility. You can knock his look (which will change anyways) but you can't say he can't pull it off.
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