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Favorite All Time Story


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Dec 27, 2007
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I would like to know what you all would consider your all time favorite story and why you consider it your favorite...

Think about the one story you could read a million times and always be as excited to read it as the first time you picked it up...

Who knows...maybe you're answers will get someone that may not have read it before interested...if anything else I think its an interesting topic to talk about...
Batman : The Killing Joke. It took my favorite villain ever, and turned him into a human. To think the sickest, most psychopathic piece of **** to ever walk the planet once had a life before the mania. And to think it was a good, respectable one. They made him relate able to the everyday average joe. From how he was written, to how he was drawn with his goofy little hairdo and awkward looking frame. It brought he and Batman even closer together in the eyes of the viewer. It added a beautiful, tragic element to their relationship. That they were more alike than they could ever imagine. And they'll never know it. Good thread:batty:
im surprised more people havent jumped in here yet....
The Dark Knight Returns

Read it when I was 12, and have loved it ever since.
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Followed close by the Judas Contract
KC is great. Sad to admit but the Death of Superman is still a fun read. As long as it's read as a stand alone story it is just a fun slugfest.
No idea.

Batman: Year One
Kingdom Come
etc etc etc

I can't pick a favorite.
Yeah, I'd say Long Halloween as well. Then some KC.
As much as I love Kingdom Come, I think my favorite nowadays is Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? I make it a point to read both of those (and Watchmen) at least once a year.
The Flash: the Return of Barry Allen
-It brought out the humanity in every Super Hero book, by understanding the importance of how significant Barry was to Wally; it also helped Wally breakthrough his psychological barrier to achieve his former speed that he had when he was with Barry Allen.

The New Teen Titans: Judas Contract
-A comic book version of what a Teen-Drama super hero reality show SHOULD be filled with; excitement; adventure; loyalty; betrayal; and the birth of Nightwing....DC's younger generation flagship character.

-A perfect blend of bringing younger blood (and readers) into DC's very first super hero team. Upholding such important issues, such as loyalty to one's team and family ties.
Infinite Crisis
JLA: Rock of Ages. I enjoyed Morrison's entire JLA run and that was my favorite arc.
Probably a tie between Kingdom Come and Superman: Red Son.
Batman #321 "Dreadfull Birthday Dear Joker".
I was a fan of Batman before I read this comic but afterwards it made a life-long booster of the Batman and world.
JLA World War Three (the original), or JLA one million. Can always pick them up and get a little horny.
1) Crisis on Infinite Earths (not to be confused with the Infinite Earth nonsense). It straightened out all the convoluted mess that the DC universe had become. Now we had ONE Superman, ONE Batman... etc... and brought the characters back to what they had been originally.

2) Batman: Year One. I loved the interaction between all the characters as well as the development the character was going through.

3) Crisis At Hand. A great Superman story. It gave the character depth.

4) Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. Sad and touching.

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