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The Dark Knight Rises Favorite Initial Appearance of Batman


Jul 7, 2012
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I have a feeling this one may be a little one-sided, but let's see.
TDKR! I think BB will get the most votes.
I like them all, but something about TDK is just awesome. He's not in the tumbler and we get to see the first non-shakey cam combat of the series.
And the first guys he attacks are the copycats.
Ramming head-on into a garbage truck is also a great way to introduce yourself into a scene.
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I'd say TDK. That's probably my favourite scene in the film even. Rises comes close as well.
I ****ing love it when the green helmet guy falls off his bike and Batman steps into frame.
I love all of them, but there's just something about TDKR. It's the eight year gap (as well as 4 in the real world) that just gives off this "He's back" feeling.
TDKR. When those stabbing chords come in, it gives me chills.
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Batman coming back after an eight year exile? LOVED it! I even clapped during that in the midnight showing and I wasn't the only one. It was just so amazing. This legend that hasn't been sighted for eight years finally rides back into the forefront on his mechanical steed.

The "I'm Batman!" bit in BB was extraordinary, but something about his first appearance in TDKR was just truly epic.

BEGINS was EPIC until "nice coat" ... so with that it comes in dead last.

I loved that little exchange actually. Goyer isn't the greatest for his writing, but I didn't mind the script for BB at all. Anything's better than that guy riding alongside Gordon during that chase scene in TDK.
I prefer TDKR at the moment cause it's fresh, but I think in the long run "I'm Batman" and the TDKR return will be tied for me.
I can take a meaningless character being used for comedic purposes such as a quip.

They improved that for TDK and RISES. Let the cops make quips.

But "the Batman"? "Nice Coat"? I like you as a poster, and we usually agree ... but tell me how on earth this line is justifiable, funny, meaningful, or even makes sense via context?

I don't need a line making a parody out of an intense scene, and a dramatic debut of the dark vengeful costumed hero.

Please explain why you enjoyed that piece of dialogue, and why it made sense to you?

"Not good"


"Is that a bazooka?!"

How is that remotely comprable? That guy isn't the focus and intensity of the scene. They are meant to being in slight beats of levity in dramatic or tense filled scenes. But the Batman doing it?

Pointless, and kind of cheesy.

This wasn't "so that's what that feels like" where it makes sense, and is genuinely funny.

"Nice Coat"

What purpose?

Simple - to show some humanity that Bruce still has while dressing up as a bat at night. The same humanity when he gives a young kid his device in the Narrows.

The cop's quips were awful and unnecessary and flatlined the scene a bit whenever his voice is heard.
I thought the cop extras in TDKR were fine. Damn you Nolan and your inconsistency :argh:
That cop that was like Thats not good... Oh thats not good... OK, thats DEFINITELY not good!

Yea, we get it, jerk off. It aint good. That was the only part of TDK that I hated.
It's a tie between the docks in BB and Batman's return in TDKR.

But I voted for BB. I kind of want to re-vote, lol. But yeah, Batman has the best intro scenes in these films.
BB is a close second, but TDKR's first appearance was just perfect. Especially the music when we first see Batman's boot come into view. My only gripe would be Batman's lazy looking punch to that guy's helmet.
That cop that was like Thats not good... Oh thats not good... OK, thats DEFINITELY not good!

Yea, we get it, jerk off. It aint good. That was the only part of TDK that I hated.

I felt the same way about the water main guy in Begins...we get it, if the microwave emitter gets there, the whole thing we'll blow. He says it like 10 times in 5 minutes.
1. The Dark Knight Rises
2. Batman Begins
3. The Dark Knight

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