The Dark Knight Rises Favorite quotes from the film (SPOILERS)

Dr Zaius

Nov 25, 2011
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We have a thread for favorite scenes, so how about a thread for favorite quotes from the film?

I loved pretty much everything Bane said but these especially:

Bane: You panicked and your weakness cost the lives of three others *chokes one henchman* *motions to Gordon* Now search him, and then I will kill you.

Bane: The shadows betray you..because they belong to me

Dagget: I've paid you a smalled fortune *gulp*
Bane: And this gives you...power over me?
Bane: Do you feel in control now?

Stock Broker: This is a stock exchange, there's no money here!
Bane: Oh really? Then why are you people here? *smashes face into desk*

Prison Doctor: have to make the jump as the child did...without the rope...then fear will find you again.

Selina: *blasts bane* About that whole no guns thing...I'm really not as committed to it as you are.

Tons of others for sure.
Can't remember all the lines, but a lot of the Selina/Bruce exchanges were great:

Selina: "Mr. Wayne...I really am sorry you lost all your money."
Bruce: (smiles) "No you're not."
Batman: Where is the switch!?
*Punches Bane*
Batman: Where is it!?
*Punches Bane*
Batman: When the switch is in my hand...*Purposefully overdramatic voice* You have my permission to die.

^Pure epicness
Batman uses his portable EMP device to switch off the lights during the sewer fight.
Bane: The shadows betray you, because they belong to me.

Batman and Selina are talking about Bruce Wayne's prints. Batman turns away for a second then turns back to Selina Kyle but she has already disappeared.
Batman: So that's what it feels like.

Not sure whether he says 'what' or 'how' for that second one...
Dagget: Where's Bane!?
*camera turns angles to reveal Bane standing around the corner*
Bane: Speak of the devil....and he shall appear.
Bane: Victory has defeated you!

(If anyone could tell me what he says right before that I would be grateful)
"She knows how it feels."

I DIED laughing, including everyone in the IMAX. :lmao:
Bane: (Batman turns off the lights) Ah.. you think darkness is your ally; but you have merely adopted it, I was born in it...molded by it, not seeing the light until I was a man and by then it was only blindness!
Dagget: "I'm in control!"
Bane: [gingerly places hand on Dagget's shoulder] "Do you feel in control?"
"if you think we are going to walk out on that ice willingly crane, you have another thing coming."

"so death... by exile"
Catwoman: "Step back! or I swear I will kill this man"
Batman: "They know! They just don't care!"

Bane: "Do you think darkness is your ally?! I was born in it!"
"I am the league of shadows!"
"What a lovely, lovely voice."
The best line is "A hero can be anyone. even if theyre just putting a coat over the shoulders of a young boy to let him know this isnt the end"
Bane: That's a lovely lovely voice

Bane: peace has cost you your strength!
Think we can agree that bane is going to give us quotes that are going to last for a long long time.
Bane: Allow me to show you where I have made my lair!

*tumblers fall through the ceiling of the sewer*
Bane: Allow me to show you where I have made my lair!

*tumblers fall through the ceiling of the sewer*

Small correction it's home instead of lair.

Within that same scene

Bane: Your precious armory, gratefully accepted! We will need it to bring justice
"You only adopted the darkness. I was born in it!"
Most of Bane's lines.
"Sold, to the man in the cold sweat!"
Bane: Ahh, I wondered what would break first. You spirit *CRUNCH* or your body.
Theatricality and deception, great weapons against the uninitiated, but we are initiated

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