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Comics Favorite Story Arc

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Sep 30, 2003
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There have been hundreds of story arcs. Which is your favorite?
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My personal favorite is Tomorrow People. AoA is cool & Pheonix is too
Hmmm.... I'd say.... I don't have one... Days of future past??
oh I cant choose, there are sooo many good one's
I'm a relative X-Newbie (I've only read the Phoenix Saga and the entireity of Ultimate X-Men), but I have to go with Phoenix Saga. :o
I only voted for 2 instead of the requisite three.


Another biased poll in that it yet again leaves out X-treme X-men.

Ya, I can't choose either, there have been so many memorable story-arc's over the years!.
well guys, i love Xtreme, it's just that there haven't been many decent story arcs recently.... well, there are a few but few people have read them....
I highly enjoyed Mutant Gensis (If its the first one in X-Men 2nd Series.)
I really like The Tommorow People. Very good arc. I loved t]seeing the Ultimate versions of the X-Men.
hmm, yeah i really like tomorrow people- definitely the best arc on the list- sorry fot forgetting Mutant Genesis
:eek: Dear heaven, why on EARTH is E is for Extinction tied with Days of Future Past.

I really need to re-think this existance. :eek:
Nothing will ever come Close to the AOA. But my next choice would be toss up between X-tinction Agenda and The Twelve.

The first 30 or so issues of X-Factor also rules ass.
Your inclusion of Ultimate storylines is patently offensive.

No one will ever top Dark Phoenix.
Days of Future Past, Fatal Atractions, and The X-cutioner's Song
yeah, Dark Pheonix is pretty cool- who can tell me why AoA and Tomorrow people only have 4 votes?

everyone, cut the krap; don;t even try to tell me that u don't like them
Not many old marvel fans like Ultimate and AoA was no where close to Phoenix and DoFP
The Pheonix Saga
I would have went with Dark Phoenix saga but there is one story that to me is the best....GOD LOVES MAN KILLS....so I voted other

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