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Favorite Tom and Jerry cartoon....EVER


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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These aren't exactly movies, nor are they tv, so just gonna mention it here. Got some downtime here at work(downtime...haha) and just watching some random Tom and Jerry stuff online. Did you have a favorite short of theirs? Jerry's Cousin was always a favorite of mine, mostly because those tight ass sweaters and bowler hats always made me laugh. I also liked how Tom basically put out a hit on Jerry and his cousin,and the implications of that.

The video is no longer available :( and I did use to watch Tom and Jerry back in the day growing up in LA.
There's a Chuck Jones one I love because it's so eerie.
It's like a Twilight Zone with an oppressive atmosphere of seclusion...just Tom and Jerry and no one else, in space, on some vast, empty space station, attacking each other.

One zaps the other with a big laser gun, so the other builds a bigger laser cannon, so the other builds a BIGGER one, etc.

It goes on and on, and Tom and Jerry start to seem deranged, or demon-possessed, and it's clearly a "social statement" - type of a cartoon, and it's kind of scary, with bizarre electro-noises.
Not a fun cartoon at all, very dark and haunting...way back before everything became dark and haunting.

That's my favorite Tom and Jerry cartoon.
jerry's cousin is a ****ing legend

it's all about the quimby ones

the three musketeers ones come to mind as well as the iceskating ones.

a classic is also the one where a seal escapes and pretends to be a mouse and genuine ones where tom is responsible for the life of a lil pup or the big dog will knock him out.

quimby is the man.
Yeah, the mouseketeers ones were pretty well done. Remember the one that ended on that extremely dark note with the guillotine? I was like, hell naw. :eek:

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