Ff #558


May 31, 2002
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Great issue.

Hopefully Millar can begin to gain some steam on the title, because I really have high hopes for him on the book.

The biggest revelation in this issue for me has to be Valeria and her "new" found intelligence. I mean, that part actually freaked me out a bit. I really want to see where Millar is going with this one.

Millar's first arc finished a bit flat, but hopefully this issue picks things back up.
I wish Marvel would let John Byrne write and Romita Jr. draw this book!
I loved the guest star at the end. Makes me real curious as too how this fits in with the Marvel U continuity.

Could someone merge this with "This Month's Issue"?

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The Valeria bit was interesting, but it will take a hell of a lot more than that to impress me after those first 4 crap issues: Ben sex talking a teacher in front of her students and Johnny bedding a BANK ROBBER for crying out loud. (Who, conveniently, is also a nymphomaniac.) What total, utter garbage.
Who is Valeria's new nanny?


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If so, I will finally have something good to say about Millar.
Undoing Bendis' reckless killing of Agatha Harkness is OVERDUE.

Has there been ANY reference to Agatha's death in the pages of FF?
You'd think her death would have quite an impact on the Richards household. She was Franklin's nanny and protector (and FF family friend) for decades (in real time). The scenes would write themselves.
As far as I know, there's been nothing.

Which is pretty typical for Marvel these days.

Kill off a Lee/Kirby legacy character and never have it impact the FF.
They haven't mentioned Agatha at all. To be honest I didn't even know about her death until much later. Shows you how an avid FF reader might not even know she's dead.

EDIT--- I think I'll do an "Agatha Crawl" for some old Agatha reading.

Any requests while I'm looking?

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