Fincher does Heavy Metal

That's one hell of a line up.:up:
Hope 20th Cent doesn't get it.

Its set up at Sony after Paramount and the Fincher fiasco.
They were at odds with Fincher over another project, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,’ they wanted him to reduce the running time… and so they said, ‘Until you step up to do what we want you to do with Benjamin, we’re not going to greenlight any other of [your] movies.’ And David said, ‘Fine, ***** you, I’m going to set up [Heavy Metal] somewhere else,’ so we jumped over to Sony and set it up there.
That's good to hear, I still haven't seen the original but with Fincher, Snyder and possibley Del Torro involved I have to check this out.
This. Is. AWESOME!!!

My opinion of Heavy Metal:
Nothing will beat Heavy Metal in terms of cinemaic greatness. Sure it's only aimed for males but who cares? Woman have crappy taste in movies anyway. Well written, well directed, top notch voice acting and excellent use of rotoscoping for the animation make this influential masterpiece essential viewing for any true fan of cinema (by 'fan of cinema' I mean male). It also contains a surprising amount of influence over most sci-fi movies made after 1981. Kinda' like watching City of Fire after seeing Reservoir Dogs. Then there's the soundtrack. With the exception of Iron Maided, Van Halen and Foreigner, it has all the greats on one awesome album that kicks all kinds of ass cataerpulting it to one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. Well played Canada, well played...
James Cameron Forging a Piece of Heavy Metal
Source:Film School Rejects June 6, 2009

Our buddies over at Film School Rejects may have stumbled onto the scoop of the century (or at least for the next few days) when they sat down with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" co-creator Kevin Eastman and the subject came around to the big screen remake of Heavy Metal, to which Eastman told them that James Cameron has come on board as a co-executive producer of the project with plans to direct a segment. He also mentioned that Kung Fu Panda co-director Mark Osborne would reunite with Jack Black to do a "comedy segment" for the animated anthology.

This is the update Eastman gave the Rejects about the project based on the popular adult comic magazine that was previously turned into an animated movie in 1981:

I’ve got breaking news that Fincher and James Cameron are going to be Co-Executive Producers on the film. Fincher will direct one. Cameron will direct one. Zack Snyder is going to direct one and Gore Verbinski is going to. Mark Osborne and Jack Black from Tenacious D are going to do a comedy segment for the film. Three other directors have agreed but we haven’t signed them, but they’re equally as jaw-dropping. So we’re on cloud nine to be working with such an amazing amount of talent.”

So that would mean the movie would be made up of a segment directed by David Fincher, another by Zack Snyder, another by Gore Verbinski and then two more by Osborne and Cameron. (Rob Zombie was also in talks to direct a segment.) Now the project just needs a studio to step forward and agree to fund the making of this movie!
Rodriguez forging Heavy Metal update - Filmmaker enlists fans at Comic-Con for inspiration
Dave McNary said:
Robert Rodriguez has acquired fearture rights to sci-fi fantasy magazine Heavy Metal and plans to develop a large-scale media project and a new animated film.

The filmmaker made the announcment Thursday during his panel at Comic-Con, and announced that he's seeking ideas from fans via a web site.

"I think one of the ideas I always believed in is international artists coming together to show their best work," he said. "And when I ask other fans what they think, they all want to work on it. So I thought it would be really cool if everyone got the chance."

The magazine, which began publishing in 1977 in the United States, specializes in dark fantasy/science-fiction and erotica. It inspired a 1981 animated feature and a 2000 sequel.

Paramount Pictures had announced in 2008 that it was developing an animated film inspired by Heavy Metal with director David Fincher spearheading the project. The film would have consisted of eight or nine animated segments, each directed by a different helmer including Fincher; Kevin Eastman, the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" co-creator who became owner and publisher of Heavy Metal; and Tim Miller, whose Blur Studios was set to handle the animation.

Eastman appeared with Rodriguez at Thursday's event.

"Some of the stories we're working on already, but I'm leaving a slot open for the audience who has been so good to Heavy Metal and who has always believed in Heavy Metal and what it could be," Rodriguez said. "And I think it would be great if we all participated together and made this the best version of Heavy Metal that ever existed."

Rodriguez announced in November that he'd teamed with Gigi Pritzker's OddLot Entertainment and Michel Litvak's Bold Films on Quick Draw Prods., a film production and finance shingle. His fourth "Spy Kids" film -- "Spy: All the Time in the World" -- is set to be released Aug. 19.
I user to trust Robert but he's kinda wishy washy. More so now than before.

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