First full look at the new Batman


Feb 10, 2012
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Any thoughts?
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That's from the upcoming Beware the Batman show, it doesn't deserve it's oun thread as there's already one for the show
Looks pretty awful and that snippet about the Rogues gallery sounds bad too
Actually it's good that they're finally exploring lesser know villains, expecially very good ones like Anarky and Dr.Pyg
Eh I'm fine with some episodes about less known villains but not a whole show about it.
Im liking the look minus the ears. Hopefully some of the better known villains will be included. Assuming they go the 3 season 65 episode format im sure we will be seeing some of our favorite villains
Introduing villains that have never been done before in animation is cool, but doing a whole show around them is a bad idea. According to the most recent article that posted in the other thread, this show isn't going to have the A listers in it. i.e. Joker, Riddler, etc.
Scarecrow and Ras All Ghoul are going to appear, and i don't doubt others will eventually appear too.
Not a fan of the needle ears, and his head above his eyes could be a tad bigger. The rest is ok though.

As for the villains, my reaction is... meh.
Seeing as that is only a prototype, the design could change radically between now and when the show is in progress. If you had seen the original test footage for "The Batman" (the series just before Brave and the Bold). you would have seen the designs were way different than what they ended up with, they actually had less stylized designs than the show eventually did, and looked more like designs from the actual comics.
This design we see here may or may not end up as the final version, we'll have to wait and see.
I wouldnt mind at all if this design was the final version. Its different. Just hoping the series doesnt stray too far away from the characters we all love
Is the show gonna be 3d animated?

From what I know so far it will be. Probably very similar to the Green Lantern animated series. I'm okay with them introducing some lesser known villains, but I also believe they eventually have to work in the big names as well. I think they can very well put more focus on new villains and give them some time to shine and in between those, have shows that bring in Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, etc. I will hold off judgement until I see more though I am excited with the potential.
Yes this is for the 3D Green Lantern-like show. Oh god, why does his head to have look like a Praying mantis?
I actually like that it's taking a more pulpy route like the earliest Batman comics. That hasn't really been done yet and those comics were great despite not having any of the A list rogues in them so I don't mind never seeing The Joker or Two-Face in this show to be honest.

If they go the route of using Hugo Strange and his Monster Men as well as Doctor Death and the Mad Monk in addition to Pyg and them this could be a stand out. I have faith in Murakami and his team.
I'm excited for it nonetheless. Not coming out till 2013 FYI.
I'm liking the Dr. Pyg character finally being on screen. I first read up on him in "Batman: Reborn" and it got me hooked.
It looks alright, but his head is way too flat.
Meh it's ok I guess. Can't say something until I seen some epsodes.

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