Fixing Suicide Squad to fit in with the DCEU


Dec 19, 2014
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After the events of Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, everyone wanted their piece of the Kryptonian action and it was like the scramble for Africa with groups battling for the remnants of the technology with someone trying to further their careers and others (ie. the government) to create some standard things like super weapons.

Three organizations so far have gotten the most valuable pieces of tech and made the biggest developments: The Chinese (battery cells of the ship), gangsters by raiding the armoury and finally a third party to be revealed later. After some surveillance by the US government, it is evident that the Kryptonian technology is quickly making these groups some of the most dangerous people on the planet but they are still scraping the surface of what this tech can achieve.

The US government wanting to get control of the situation decides they need to assemble their own team to curb this threat. They don’t want to contact the other established heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. knowing about this because if they do they would probably destroy the tech and the US wants this for themselves. They don’t want to use their own resources as it could start a war with China if US troops storm their country, the mob with their new tech which they acquired cost too many lives so with them trying to retrieve it could draw too many eyes on a situation the US doesn’t want to get out to the public by the fact that so much dangerous tech is unaccounted for. So they decided to enlist a team of villains and if it goes wrong, they blame them etc...same reasons explained by Waller.

The team would be

  1. Boomerang because he is a master thief...Waller moves him from regular Rick Flag in this film

  2. Deadshot because he is a stone cold killer and in this rendition Batman doesn’t capture him but rather the US government somehow tracks him Waller finds him and hires him.

  3. Killer Croc because he is a “tank” and they already have him captured so someone will call him a “loan from Indian Hill”

  4. Harley Quinn not entirely sure why but her character intro won’t have Batman.
No Diablo, Katana or Slipnot. They can be used in later projects and splitting the screen time between them was a gripe I had with the original film.

Now the movie will follow a standard heist film with planning and execution. Lots of blood, explosions and slo-mo camera work.

The first fight scene/heist with the Chinese will be very clinical and is the longer sequence with timed attacks and mixes of stealth here and there but with a lot of civilian killings. Like Harley uses a woman as a human shield so that audiences don’t forget these are the bad guys. After the op, in retaliation Waller kills Captain Boomerang (He was a way better character than the rope dude and as such it will hurt the audience way more when he dies) but also shows you Waller is cold-hearted.

Now the second heist will be way shorter then the first. Reasons being the gangsters well the mob are undertrained and haven’t figured out any of the weapons they had stolen. The plan is Killer Croc crashing straight through the front gates distracting the forces with help from some Black Op soldiers as extra muscle after Boomerang's death and to babysit the Squad. While the commotion at the front is happening, Deadshot and a small group of black op soldiers go through the back to grab the more volatile weapons, with Harley on get away. The reason Harley needs to do this is because the US soldiers cannot leave with the Suicide squad just in case of news helicopters or something so they pull out the pink chrome car from the original movie from “impound”.

We will only see Croc's initial assault and cut straight to Deadshot going John Wick style on the strong hold taking out as many mobsters as he can. They take down the mob hideout and get to the weapons.

Now after they get to where the weapons are stored, the commander of the Black Ops unit with Deadshot starts communicating with Waller. As this happens, the sounds of gunshots, screaming and fighting from outside slowly gets quieter and quieter but not obviously. Nobody in the room really notices. The BOOM we see is Killer Croc bursting through the door. He is face down, they roll him over and his face is bloody, teeth missing and then the camera pans to a Batarang plunged in his chest...Batman. Deadshot screams and the lights begin flickering. The Black Ops unit are sh*tting them selves. Then boom the ceiling crashes, in classic Batman style. Batman is shrouded in darkness and slowly stands but we can see his suit and fists are drenched in blood and then here we will have the Warehouse scene type BvS fight with Batman going up against all these guys. Deadshot grabs the tech and bolts. One of the Black Ops guys points their gun at him telling him he’s a coward and threatens to “put him down” and he says in return “If you are gonna take him on in his city, you are gonna need more than an M15 and a death wish”.

Camera pans to Batman still not fully in focus. He is lifting a soldier with one hand clear above the ground choking him out as his white eyes glow as he turns to Deadshot.

Deadshot throws some grenades and the damage from the blast causes the building to crumble as he dips out. The building starts collapsing around Batman but he doesn’t seem fazed and doesn’t break his glare towards Deadshot. Deadshot runs and eventually reaches the get away car. Harley asks why Deadshot is in such a rush and then the Batmobile crashes straight through the building like it was nothing and Deadshot screams while pointing at the Batmobile as he tells Harley “that’s why”. Harley gets visibly excited while saying “Pudding would of loved this obviously hinting to Joker” before punching it.

This will be a car chase scene like in the movie just instead of Joker and Harley, it is Harley and Deadshot. Harley asks Deadshot to grab the wheel as she pulls out a massive gun from the backseat as she leans out of the car window and shoots it at the Batmobile. The first shot hits the car and explodes but it has zero effect except some of the car is on fire. She says something like “Batsy always got the best toys but never the best plans”. She then turns the gun to a nearby building and blasts it. We see the Batmobile drift and go back but a shadowy figure launches out and glides towards the building a la Arkham Knight. Batman is forced to turn around and help the civilians.

Harley and Deadshot get away with the tech and bring it back to Waller in exchange for their freedom and compensation. Waller instead double crosses them and throws them into Bel Rev. The movie ends with the government approving this new Suicide Squad and news clips showing Killer Croc being blamed on the news for “terrorist acts in Gotham City ghettos”, Boomerang being put on the Chinese watch list even though he is dead but the Chinese don't know that and the heroic capture of Deadshot, the co-conspirator of the attack on the Chinese. Roll end credits.

Post Credits Scene (DCEU universe further building)

We see a severed head rolling down a dark hallway in Bel Rev where we know Harley is being imprisoned. We hear a happy whistling while a guard walks throwing and catching keys. The camera is behind him. As he gets to Harley’s cell at the end of the hall, we hear in the iconic Joker voice “Tsk tsk tsk Harley you don’t call, you don’t write, you go on crazy adventures with ol' batsy without me. He takes one step forward into the light and it is Jared Leto’s Joker as he says "I’m hurt”. The camera then zooms out to a full shot of Joker with carnage and chaos behind him at Bel Rev with people on fire, destroyed equipment and Joker's goons beating the sh*t out of some guards. He says to Harley then... “Let’s blow this popsicle stand” and then it cuts to black.

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