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Sep 20, 2005
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Well, i thought id start a thread with my stuff on it. Il show some of my older stuff aswell, even though iv changed the style a lot since then.

Here is one of spawn i did ages ago. Excuse the crappy scanning, but its an A3 sized peice and i had to put the two halves together in photoshop. And also i didnt use the different line widths like i do now so it may not be clear whats going on lol


Keep posting useless posts like I did if you want more feedback. but I like it. Ink it and it'll look better.
it is inked, but my scanner was crappy lol thanx for the feedback k-pax

here's some more.



these are all old ones. I work on smaller paper now lol
i like your style. if you keep practicing you will be really good someday.
thanx for the compliments everyone. I stopped doin that style a while ago becasue it was a bit too much like J Scott Campbell's Danger Girl stuff. Here's some more of my older stuff.

A character design for a space-age cowgirl

and an anime style robot. I never finished what she was leaning on for some reason. I probably got distracted with the next pic i had in mind.
here's some of my more recent stuff with my current drawing style and inking method. Some of these you may have seen before on other threads, but i thought id post them all together here. there are others, but il post them later.

spidey and MJ

a goth chick i did for a friend

and wonder woman being harassed by her male admirers
hahaha thanx sable. Thats the style i tend to use now. here are my latest. some of them you've seen before but i like em anyway.

this one i did for Sable from her request thread. That's hydroman by the way, u cnt tell without the colours

this is one that im particularly proud of, altho ino i missed spideys back insignia


and this one is Spidey in the style im trying to develop.

any comments are most welcome.
here's a quick one that i did today. I was intending to do a better version with a fish-eye lense effect for the buildings. But this one is just a prelim for the sake of ink practice.

thats a cool angle. i must say the head looks a little big. nice job though.
Aquaman, yeah i think u may be right there, thanx for the tip. I think i meant to make his head smaller and put a little of his neck into it, but i missed it when i cleaned up lol

Glad u like the angle. im after doin some more diverse stuff instead of the usual swinging poses that people use.
Really cool work. Really sharp and crisp lol I'm so poetic
You're a poet and you dont know it! You make a rhyme every time!

*ahem* ok, ill stop now
i really like your art style forfeit.
Thanx Dusk. There's stil alot of work to be done on it, but i think im getting there. Here's a request i did for Nightwing. Its of his band Misplaced Hopes. He is in need of someone to colour them for him if anyone is interested. If you are, go to his thread for the latest version of the pics

Thanx Sable. Im glad i tried this one for Nightwing. I think drawing real people in your own style can really help you out alot, much more than thinking up characters. Its been some good experience and Nightwing is good with the constructive criticism too.
dude ur work is great
i especially like the evil dead one
Thanx Tanker, always good to hear compliments.
Cybermonkeytron helped me with the background for the ED one. Taught me all about vanishing points and stuff which was really useful. The pic was kinda flat til then. I was pleased with the final result anyway. Im kinda hoping that someone will colour it for me sometime. But im easy lol

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