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Freedom Fighters

Jul 22, 2012
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Did anyone ever play this game.

It has to be one of if not my Favourite game of all time.

I dont think it really got the recognition it deserved.


Really wish the would make a new one.
I remember loving the local multiplayer
That game was so effing awesome. Iv been wanting a sequel since the moment i popped that game into my Xbox.
I only played the demo. I boycotted the game because it was published by EA. I wish I got the chance to play it, but I'm a man of principle.
I LOVED that game. Its a shame it never had a sequel. I loved the team management system and wish the XML/MuA had looked to this gem on how to handle team AI
I did have this game and I think I beat it, but I don't remember what happened in the game at all.
Yeah they really need to bring it to the store..

I wonder who would even be responsible for bringing it over. EA published it originally but IO Interactive developed it and they've since be purchased by Eidos, which has since been purchased by Square-Enix. I wonder if there's legal issues which have prevented this from being touched or get a sequel

ETA: Just read this on wiki

On April 6, 2004 Eidos UK revealed plans for the sequel.[7] Eidos announced it would distribute the sequel in the first half of its financial year 2006, which would mean the latter part of 2005. However IO Interactive announced development of a new intellectual property, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, casting the future of a Freedom Fighters sequel in doubt.[8] In late 2007 a representative of IO said in an interview about the upcoming Kane & Lynch: Dead Men that a sequel for Freedom Fighters was still on the company's 'to-do' list

So EA doesnt have the rights to the IP, SE does. It stinks that we got cheated out of a sequel bc the team wen to make that awful Kane and Lynch series instead. I really hope SE lets them make a sequel or heck, even an HD remake of it
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