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Feb 15, 2001
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So what's the deal with fruitcake? I've never had the stuff, but most people I know that have, say I'm not missing anything.


What do my fellow Hypesters think?
"You would think fruitcake would be better. Fruit, good; cake, great; fruitcake, nasty crap." - Jim Gaffagen
yeah..i've never had fruitcake before..but everyone says they dont taste very good
Hmmm, never had it. I think I should try it at least once. I mean, all the comedians seem to make fun of it. So I gues I have to try the nastiest cake on the planet.

I wonder if it's worse than fetus pie?
It's disgusting. I'll keep to my cake and eggnog, thanks.
I saw her on Deal or No Deal the other night, she came on to offer a prize to a Broadway fan who was on the show.
Friendship cake is good, I think it's the same thing, but the process is way different. It's like a chain letter type deal, the batter some how keeps going from friend to friend. I've only made it once and it was outta sight!
I saw her on Deal or No Deal the other night, she came on to offer a prize to a Broadway fan who was on the show.

Yeah, it was awesome. I wished I were her so bad. I wonder what costume she wore *thinks of the girl jumping around in a flathead costume*. Bwahahaha.

I want that f'ing wand.
i like the fruitcakes that post on these boards.
10 frickin years!!!!! i dont believe in fruitcake anymore.
I once heard Martha Stewart say
"Teh fruitcake is teh suxxors"

Oh, and for you, Dog Lips:
That doesn't look edible. :csad:


in case anyone is interested, it's really good.

3/4 c. (can) sliced peaches, drained and diced
3/4 c. crushed pineapple, drained
6 maraschino cherries, cut in half
1/2 c. sugar
1 pkg. active dry yeast
Combine and place in glass (gallon size) jar with a loose cover at room temperature. Stir several times first day; then once daily using a plastic or wooden spoon.
After 2 weeks this starter will have fermented enough to start the Friendship Cake Mix (using the second full cycle of above fruit makes a far superior mix than not doing so).

Old recipe recommends 2 or 3 friends get together on this.
The only fruitcake I'd consume is the one made by my mother. She makes 'em really yummy! :up:

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