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Aug 2, 2005
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anyone know zap and leela were out?
i went to hastings and saw them,they had 3 of each
pretty surprised,guess you guys will get to build robot devil after all

I never knew.....Wicked....I'll be swinging by a store or two tomorry before the old Superbowl drunkfest
I pre-ordered mine from Play.com (£8.99 each - bargain!) so hopefully this'll mean I'll be getting them soon then. Nice one.

Oh yeah, series 3 (Bender & Kiff) were added to Wizards online store earlier this week & given a March release date. :up:

EDIT: Just had an e-mail off Play.com saying that Zap & Leela have been sent out today. Woo!
Zapp is great but Leela is crap...compared to the MAC one.


the unarticulated, worse painted, weird colored one is the new one

But Zapp is great


And Nixon....though there is a top on Nixon's tank...i would have preffered it open...and maybe with a gel...or clear plastic to simulate the fluid....but that might have been too much to ask.

Though....one thing I will say....the bottom of Nixons jar almost seems as though they're making it so it will be able to fit onto Bender's Body when he comes....and maybe even the poddibility for a Giant Evil Nixon Robot....but that just a pipe dream...but I think Bender/Nixon is very Possible.

But yeah...if it weren't for the BAF piece I woulnd't have bough this Leela...as the MAC one is far superior.....I'll be getting the MAC one for sure now....(Mainly cause I want to paint some as Universa A)....I have universe A Zoidberg....and the Golden Bender from SDCC 2006....and I second Fry to paint.......so needless to say when I get the old MAC one this Toynaimy POS will become Universe A......I mean.....I have the MAC Swimsuit leela and it's superior to this...I almost want it in my collection as Leela over this.


Like look at it.......either way...i am glad we're getting Futurama figs and I hope this line continues after wave three....BAF Calculon Baby.....but I also want the quality to improve.

Not to mention Leela didn't even come with a necessary pack in that came with the MAC Leela...so Toynami does have the mold for it......Nibbler.

anyway here's a pic of all mine....coulnd't find my Glorious Golden Bender for the pic....but I hope to get to my entire collection soon.

thinking back now...it still irks me.......yeah....a few hours later....but when Fry Came...he had some old accessories and a new one (Holophoner) as well as full articulation......Zoidberg only had a stethoscope.....but still...Fry got old stuff and new....then Leela got two guns (reused...and rarely if ever on the show) and.....oh wait...two guns....and no articulation......if anything she should have gotten no guns and nibbler....

anyway...I am pretty sure that Leela was rushed...though, lord knows they had plenty of time......

Anyway....even if they all come out Leela Quality...I'll still get em all.....loves me some Futurama.....and I'll anxiously await Late April 08 for Kif and bender
are fry and bender figs the same as the old ones??? if so thats annoying because I want to make robot devil and these figures are more expensive in the uk (about $30 is cheapest i have found)

venom uk where on play.com are they, can't see them...
cheers man....remember seein the swimsuit leela for £5 in a shop once...........wish i had got it
They are essentially the same.....Fry Has a new head I believe.....Bender....I think will be pretty much the same...but they did mention a removable head.....plus no bases...and fry came with a Holophoner....
I'm gutted to hear that Leela is a bit of a let down, but good news that Zap (& Nixon) are both good though. :up:

The lack of articulation in the likes of Leela & Zap does baffle me when you consider how much Fry had. Dr. Z worked well with his limited articulation, but surely Leela & Zap would've benefited from some more movement?
zap is perfect in the position hes in,no need for him to be out of that one
leela on the other hand could use more poses
Who would everyone like to see released as the next 6 Futurama figures?
I think Roughie's idea of a BAF Calculon is brilliant! So one can wish. Personally I'd like to see...

Wave 4
Hermes Conrad
Lur (sp?)

Wave 5
Prof Farnsworth
Amy Wong

Wave 6
Robot Santa
dunno if I agree with robot santa, scruffy would be my choice! and hermes would have to come with a brain slug
Lrr and Robot Santa are both too big, they need to be BAFs themselves.....

but I am thinking...well I know...that Hermes, Amy and Prof are Needed indeed....so of the next six they Need to be in there....in my initial lineup I put in King bender, Cluberella and Captain yesterday to get the main guys in there....but at two at a time we'll never get everyone we need if we keep getting varients of the main three (though the new Justice Team is Needed) I will change my opinions to.

Farnsworth and Scruffy
Hermes and Bubblegum Tait
Amy and Elzar

All with BAF pieces to put together a Caculon....

Farnsworth would come with.....a Finglonger and a his reading glasses
Scruffy would come with a broom and a copy of jugs...or no broom and be in a pose to have his feet up in his chair
Hermes would come with...a limbo stick and maybe some bamboo shoes...and a breinf case and a Stamp
bubble gum with a Basketball
Amy maybe with a Party Board...and Leonard Nemoy's head in a jar
Elzar with a Menu for Elzar's and a Spice Weasel...BAM

And Assuming the line is deemed a success before then there will be a box set of The New justice Team....and a Special Box Figure of LRR

SDCC will have a Farnsworth Parabox version of the professer (New Head and body Repaint) and Wizard store will have a Reptainted Universe A Amy
I think you guys are forgeting one of the most important, hilarious, and down right most amazing charcter on the show...

News Monster.
Morbo....Kittens give morbo Gas.....Again....he'd need to be BAF.....
Morbo....Kittens give morbo Gas.....Again....he'd need to be BAF.....
I think his best line in the whole show is the one where fry drinks 100 cups of coffee, and his wife is fixing his bow tie at the museum:

It's fine, just leave it it's... I will destroy you!!!
I agree with all that rough except one thing, hermes MUST come with a brain slug
has futurama ever had the aliens from the simpsons on it? they should soooo do an episode with there planet or something... it'd be genius
I think I've read something about the creators not wanting to do that, because everyone expected them to.
they have clearly established that the Simpsons and Futurama are not in the same universe.....they actually refer to Simpsons as Make believe and Futurama as the real world....because all the stuff in the past (1999) is very accurate to the real world....also Simpson't is a TV show in the futurama world.

Though I do now wonder why Either Kodos or Kang wasn't in the Cantina scene in Blue Harvest...Besides maybe Simsons not wanting Family guy to use them.....

Anyway.....Morbo's best line was "Kittens give Morbo gas"

And yes...a brain Slug is a must for hermes
I think Brain slug would be best as a variant, just because Hermes face would have to change, and without the brain slug, and that face, it's look dumb.

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