G. Del Toro is a Hater

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Guillermo del Toro to Direct Hater
Source: JoBlo December 11, 2007

JoBlo reports that Hellboy II: The Golden Army director Guillermo del Toro will helm a big screen adaptation of author David Moody's "Hater." Here is how the book is described:

Danny McCoyne and his family live on the wrong side of the tracks - a bad corner of a decent town - and they're used to trouble. In the space of a few days, however, the violence around them increases to an incredible level. Children are attacked in school, people are massacred on the streets, there is relentless murder and bloodshed in broad daylight.

Their only defence is to lock themselves down, to cut themselves off from everyone else and wait for help. It's what they think they should do. It's what the authorities tell them to do. But Danny and his partner know that as well as locking the trouble out, they may also be locking it in...

Visit the book's official website for more info!
Well, if he doesn't do it I hope someone does. This sounds disturbing as ****, just what I need to increase my paranoia. :csad: Can't wait to see it. :woot:
I really hope he does Mountains of Madness. We need a decent adaption of Lovecraft, especially one not by Stuart Gordon.

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