G.I. Joe: War and Peace


Oct 21, 2014
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This panorama was inspired by G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Hasbro/Marvel/Hollywood).


Evan was a trainee in the Army fresh out of West Point, reflecting on his youth in China (learning martial arts) and then turning his attention to skilled military combat (armed or hand-to-hand). Evan took on the field-soldier code-name 'Snake-Eyes' and was recruited by a young West Point instructor named Duke who was recruiting specially-skilled American patriots for a new paramilitary crusading 'troop' known as 'G.I. Joes.' No one knew Duke's real name.

Snake-Eyes thought about learning martial arts from his Chinese master in China and thought about how his master was unjustly killed by the goons of an opium-underworld syndicate working in Beijing and challenged by Snake-Eyes' overtly public remarks about organized crime. Snake-Eyes wondered if he would be an effective contributor to the G.I. Joes but the prospect of patriotic duty fascinated him, so he accepted Duke's offer.

Duke had recruited Snake-Eyes, a skilled spear-thrower named Lady Jaye, a sailor and explosives-expert named Shipwreck, a female sniper named Scarlett, a wrestler-turned-soldier named Roadblock, and a tank-driver named Flint. Duke also recruited numerous field-soldiers and simply referred to them as 'Joes.' G.I. Joe was in for a surprise, as a super new terrorist organization called Cobra was forming and emerging in Europe and Asia (developing chemical weapons silos in the black market!).

America was undergoing many cultural changes at the time. Movies since the days of Hitchcock had developed into much more graphic media (and even new age video-games reflected this new trend in 'violence-glorification'). After 9/11, the world was on 'edge' about terrorism and globalization-related angst, and Cobra wanted to take advantage of this 'gloom' by robbing banks across Europe and using funds to develop a scheme for a chemical-weapon gauged invasion of Washington, D.C. on Halloween Eve.

Cobra was led by the insidious and helmet-wearing Cobra Commander who kept at his side his iron-minded 'vizier' Destro (and Destro's scheming wife and shrewd war-consultant known simply as 'Baroness'). The trio was the 'figurehead' of Cobra but also benefited from the 'malicious contributions' of the steroids-pumped Serpentor (who always wore shirts with pictures of snakes on them), the ninja-assassin Storm-Shadow (who would become the main rival of G.I. Joes' own Snake-Eyes), and the evil twins Tomax and Xamot (who were explosives-experts just like G.I. Joes' own Shipwreck).

The G.I. Joes intercepted Cobra in Washington, D.C. on Halloween Eve after an anonymous Cobra informant told Duke of the Cobra invasion plans. Duke showed up with his entire squad and deconstructred the Cobra offensive. Cobra Commander was taken to Duke's interrogation room where Duke was able to extract the whereabouts of the chemical-weapons silos hidden by Cobra on the southern coast of California. Cobra Commander explained that the chemical weapons were to be used as a 'sideshow' for a nuclear offensive which would set off earthquakes in California!

After Cobra seemed dissolved following the arrest of Cobra Commander and his 'minions' in D.C., Duke kept investigating about the true identity of the anonymous Cobra informant who exposed the Cobra invasion plan, enabling the G.I. Joes to intercede/intercept. Snake-Eyes and Shipwreck were negotiating with the World Health Organization and the Security Council of the United Nations to deliberate on a global chemical-weapons development ban treaty initiative. Duke remarked that the G.I. Joes were in the 'full swing' of patriotic leadership and started taking notes about all this spiritual drama regarding 'war and peace' in the modern world.

The Cobra informant who supplied Duke with the information regarding the invasion of Washington on Halloween was the sister of Baroness, known as 'Pythona,' who was a trained eco-terrorist. Pythona wanted to fool the world and trick the G.I. Joes into thinking that the Cobra war-initiative was over while she developed a secret new eco-terrorism minded chemical-warfare initiative with her boyfriend Nemesis-Enforcer (who happened to be a good friend of Destro). Pythona wanted to use 'mind-altering' toxic spores (released from outer space!) to turn humanity into a race of 'rodents.' Pythona remarked to herself, "War and peace are rarely...intellectual!"




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