Gambit In X3, But Within A Cut Scene


Mar 8, 2006
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spoilers from film.
ok iv accepted now after watching x3 gambit is nt in x3, however i cnt help still belive tht the anominis mutant in magnetos crowd is gambit, as seen here :

they all have significant roles for magnetos plan, arclight and kid omega go to assainate angels father, multiple man is to fool the goverment, jugganut is to destroy leech, and pyro and callisto are used to fight the x men, where as all the others are just the 'pauns' to take the damage in the battle, so who is this person, he clearly has some purpose to magneto, his jacket from the clip is distinktively like gambits, perhaps gambit had another mission to do for magneto which was cut from the film, or maybe it was mystique after her powers returning and she sneeked in to see where there hide out was to get evidence to the goverment, and seens as phylocke isnt there, perhaps tht is her using her telekinesis to disguise herself, but why, no one knows, i think it truly is gambit, after all it has been revealed in x2 he was being held captive, and if anyone else noticed, there were four celss in the truck not 3, so tht cud be a scene cut from where gambit is set free, and i think his other purpose would be tht of spikes, to secur the perimeter of there base, lets keep our fingers crossed, and if anyone thinks tht this is silly, then pleese just beleve until the dvd until we all know
Gambit was supposed to be in the film but ultimately tossed him out of the script later.. However, this was one of the earliest scenes filmed if I recall correctly so it's highly possible they threw someone in there and decided not to go through with it later.
lets hope so, i hope this is mentioned on the dvd, just to satisfy me, i really want gambit
Hey! You posted the same thing at the XMF forum. I was just there!! LOL.
i think u are, but the point is, he was put in here as a cameo but then not needed, it is gambit
even my mates hwo don't read the comics ntoiced him and asked me if that was gambit....i just said yes cause they all loved him from the cartoon
why cant anyone just beleve, even tho im wrong just beleve, just pretend to satisfy tht gambit has made an appearence
I think he was supposed to be Gambit, those writters have been lying to us alot
i think he was put in there as this was an early shot close to where brett had only taken over from where mattew had just left, mattew had supposedly cast him as a brief cameo for gambit, so tht is him, and i know it is, gambit is in x3, hazar
If a guy just stands there, it's anyone's guess. But it ain't Gambit unless he has a trenchcoat, a pack of cards and says "Cherie" a lot. Nice try but no cigar. :D


I don't understand why FOX would manipulate the images with an character not even in the movie. That goes beyond misleading.
phoenix'sfire said:
phylocke was phylocke yet her cameo had no trades of the comic
Then in my book, she wasn't really Psylocke. ;)

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