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Gears of War figures this Spring

I've been waiting for some pics ever since they announced that they had obtained the license. Glad to finally see something, even if it is just a couple of teaser images. Neca has been putting out a lot of good stuff lately, so I'm eager to see the rest of the wave. I'll more than likely be picking up all of these once they hit shelves.
BBTS has a picture of all three characters from the wave up on their site. I'm a little disappointed that Neca has lowered the articulation count on these from some of their past few video game character releases, but I'm probably still gonna pick up the entire set.
i wont be getting these, im going through the game ( pretty slow ) but dont think i'd wanna own the figs. specially with only 3 figs in the line.
3 figs in wave one. Wave two is supposed to have at least 3 more, including more of the team.

Personally, I'm dying for these. The four I really want though would be Marcus, Dom, Cole, and Baird. Maybe a Carmine. No real interest in the Horde.

They released pics for those who haven't seen 'em:




The articulation leaves a lot to be desired.

i'm relatively OK with the little articulation since they way they have them posed is the way i would want to have them displayed.
According to Neca's Myspace, we'll be getting at least a full Delta squad and a few horde with a Theron guard or two. They say they've got at least 10-12 figs planned out already.
Will they have the main baddie from the pc version
These figures look great glad NECA got the licence as they always put a great amount of detail on there figures. I will definatly get a dom and marcus not sure about the rest.
Did they say if they are doing a Carmine as i love his armour and helmet. :yay: :yay:
Thanks for the pic Balthus, I'd been wondering when they'd show the variant for the lineup. I think I'm gonna be picking up all four.

Does anyone know what kinda case packout these are gonna have? I can't imagine the variant is going to be particularly hard to find or anything, but I don't want to have to resort to eBay either.

If I order the set of three + the variant from BBTS, it's gonna cost $60. If I go through CSC, it'll only cost $37 for the regular set of three, but I'll be forced to hunt for the variant. Does anyone know of any e-tailers selling a set of four for a decent price?
You're in luck, it's not a variant. It's a four figure wave. ;)
You're in luck, it's not a variant. It's a four figure wave. ;)

If it's not a variant, then is it shortpacked? I can't find any online retailers selling a set of 4, just the main 3. CSC aren't even offering either of the Locust as singles, just Fenix and Cole. The only place I've even found selling the sniper is BBTS, and that's at a markup of $4 compared to the regular figures.


At any rate, I think I'm just gonna wait a while before ordering these. I may even wait until they hit b&m to pick them up.
It could be a shortpack, but it's not a variant. It was always planned as a 4 figure wave.

I'm also gonna wait to pick them up because I want to see how they turn out in person. I don't want to pre-order and then get them and find out they have the articulation of a paperweight.

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