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Ghost Rider: (Set pics, screen caps, stills, etc...)


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Nov 19, 2002
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It's on the main page. I can't seem to view the pictures, though.
Here you go guy's.


Thanks to hunter rider for posting it again.
Glad they are going with the classic Chopper.
I like the bike for a regular bike... I'm waiting to see the hellcycle though.

I'll try and get this thread merged with the main bike thread in the near future. Keep an eye out for it there if you see it missing.
Bike looks great. Great to see some setpics. Hope get a look at cast soon.
Probably wont be soon... but I'm there hoping with ya.
you misspelled vengeance in your sig.:o
Well, if they weren't, they definatly are now.
Cool, I like the one of him at the grave.
cool pics,btw what's going on in the second pic? is caretaker sewing jonny blaze's arm or what.
batman 833 said:
cool pics,btw what's going on in the second pic? is caretaker sewing jonny blaze's arm or what.

probably so....could have been shot in the arm by the police.
thats probably the scene where Blaze says "I feel much better knowing Im the Devil's bounty hunter" that was in the comic con trailer.

BTW...good find FH!
i like that top pic of Blaze in the cemetary at night. looks like he might be talking to his father's grave.
For some reason I don't feel the excitement I should be feeling when seeing these new pics. I think I am just looking forward to seeing Ghost Rider so much I don't care about anything else.
I hear ya... but it sure is good to have something new. This place has been dying as of late and anything to talk about is good.

Hmm... I wonder did Blaze get hurt as Ghost Rider and it was transferred to his human body or is that something that happened as he was in his human form. The reason why I ask is because I'm wondering how much they are keeping this as separate entities. In the comic when Ghost Rider was hurt, Dan/Blaze wasn't.

Like the rest of you, I like that graveyard pic a whole lot. If nothing else, the mood of this flick should be perfect.
This movie is going to kick ass if it turns out how it is described to be.

But Flamehead I think Ghost Rider and Blaze will share the same scars, wounds, etc. but not the pain. His face looks likes he is in no pain at all.
Cage looks the be contemplating his current situation in the second image, ignoring everything else around him. Plus I like the idea of the scene taking place in a church.

So far the atmosphere of the movie is looking well. Now all we need is a teaser shot of the Ghost Rider himself.

I wonder once the dvd comes out if they will include character drawings/designs and production photographs.

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