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Ghostbusters 3 back from the dead?


Apr 10, 2006
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According to a recent interview with Harold Ramis, he is interested in reviving Ghostbusters 3!!!

The script sees the ghostbusters called back into action when hell is becoming over-crowded-especially in new york1

In the script "hell" exists as an alternate earth (think a comedy version of constantine)

Ghostbusting is now a franchise and the founders (original GB's) will be training up new recruits (ramis is after ben stiller as murrays replacement- who is not interested in another sequel. *Although he still insists on paycheck movies like garfield???*)

Personally murray will be a big loss- but if everyone else is on board that may be quite persuasive-its early days. The script sounds good concept-wise and if the majority of cast return along with some new comedy talent, then I'm still really psyched about a new ghostbusters movie. (even if it's just for nostalgias sake-nothing can top the first)

What do people think? heres the link:


Oh yeah, if youre interested in the idea of this movie, its very easy to find out more about it on the internet as GB3 has a LONG production history....
Murray will come around - out of respect for the other's as well as how the first two films helped his career, he better. If he doesn't, what respect I had left for him would be GONE.

I hope this happens....
I think so too.

At the time GB3 was looking good, murray wanted to do more "worthy" movies but yknow hes done a few of those now and established himself as a serious actor-so I dont see how he'd be harming his career.....
I'm a GB fan. I can take whatever they have to throw at me! I hope.
I think the cutoff point to revive the franchise is five years past due. I'd love to see a third film, but man, it's been SEVENTEEN YEARS!!! Ramis is virtually unrecognizable, and Egon doesn't seem like the kind of character who'd let himself go as much as Ramis has.

Is Ernie Husdon comin back too?

If he did, they should have him getting his own degree in Parapsychology. Not just some black dude who needs a steady paycheck.
The purpose of Winston was to be the audience's eyes, basically the normal guy any of us would be if they were thrust into that situation, so I'd leave him be.
ho-hum...well I suppose November 2005 is better than 2002.....when this project died.
but at this point hollywood is really hammering out the nostalgia-
if they can do a witches remake, a transformers movie, a new turtle movie and an indiana jones sequel-they sure as hell can do a GB3....
yeah winston was the audience..."I have seen **** that'll turn you WHITE"
best line ever....
Harold Ramis would need to lose weight and get back to "Egon shape" if he wants to play Egon again. Of course, Egon's weight gain could also be explained.
Don't forget Dan Akroyed would have to slim down too, although he's always been the "chubby" one in the group.
Even in the cartoon, Ray was the chubby one, so I don't think it'd be too bad.
I'd welcome another Ghostbuster movie. There is a general lack of Sci-Fi Comedies out there anyhow. I would hope that Murray comes around.
Otherwise, I really could care less about the age, weight-gains or the fact that it has been a LONG time since GB2, I just want to see a good sequel.
The GB3 concept should've been used in GB2, it sounds pretty cool actually.
I hope this happens! I loved GB! :up:
Am I the only one who doesn't want this? I mean, the first GB movie is a work of genius. But I really didn't rate the sequel that much (what they did to Janine was unforgiveable) and it just seems like too much time has gone by for a third film. I'm sure I'd go and see it if it was ever made, but I would go in with very low expectations. Though I don't know if I'd be able to tollerate the absence of Bill Murray (I don't mind Ben Stiller, but you can't replace Bill). He's what made the movies so great. Even in the second one he was still on great form. It's sad that he snubs the franchise like he does.
I guess Bill Murray rather make Garfield 3 than this movie.
A Ghostbusters sequel would of been great if it was 10 years later at the most but too much time has passed now.
If they made it now, I'd love for them to de-age the actors with that tech from X3. I'm betting it's the same sort of thing used to give Ahnuld his old body back for T3 too.
lol...I suggested that do that to Harrison Ford for Indy 4 as well...lol
Wesyeed said:
If they made it now, I'd love for them to de-age the actors with that tech from X3. I'm betting it's the same sort of thing used to give Ahnuld his old body back for T3 too.
Phh you kidding? Arnie pumped iorn to get that body back
the internet told me he had a little digital help as well. *shrugs*
Wesyeed said:
the internet told me he had a little digital help as well. *shrugs*
Probs the bit where was taking that power cell out...

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