Goodbye Deadzone & 4400


Apr 19, 2003
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Seriously whose the ****in' moron running things over there !?

Well that kind of sucks, but maybe they'll pick up Journeyman. :o
the 4400 was still running if id known that i would of watched it
The 4400 should not have been cancelled, the show was still going strong and next season promised to be even better.

The world really does need more executive powder :woot:
WTF do they have that's so good they don't have room for 4400?
Don't forget these are the same idiots from Sci Fi who cancelled tje Dredson Files but keeps crap like Flash Gordon on the air.
I thought Flash Gordon was cancelled?

I'm a big fan of the Dresden Files books. The series was not that good.
What the sh**! DeadZone was just starting to get really good! & like some else has said. What the hell are they talking about making room! They have like 6 original shows, & the rest is filled with movies, or law & order crap! What the hell! I am really starting to hate TV because of crap like this. I am tired of networks not letting shows finish.
I have a feeling that they cancelled the shows cause of two things.....The shows were too Sci-fi ish...and they wanted to do more reality based shows. And ...they cost more to make than the other shows without special effects?

Anyway...These are the type of shows that Sci-fi channel should pick up. They should at least do a mini-series or a two hour movie to end the series. I hate when series end without a proper end
Wow, these getting canceled is crazy, especially since these are supposed to be legitimately good/quality shows.
i don't know why people think jourany man is being canceled . it still comes on mondays at 10:00 pm
Journeyman is canceled. NBC will show the episodes that are still left, but then it ends. No more new episodes will be in production. Only shows with horribly low ratings get immediately canceled (straight off the network).
i don't know why people think jourany man is being canceled . it still comes on mondays at 10:00 pm

It's canceled, seen the links saying so

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