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Guess What?! They're rebooting THE MUMMY!

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I'm not opposed to more mummy flicks, in whatever form or iterations, but Len Wiseman can **** off.
ugh...it was already rebooted back in 1999. you know, that Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.

and seriously, Len Wiseman? i can't see this being good

well, at least that means more Kate Beckinsale to look forward to
Len Wiseman >>>>>>>>>>> Stephen Sommers

But I'm not entirely on board with this.
Has Len Wiseman ever made a movie as good as Deep Rising? I don't think so.
How about NOT rebooting the Mummy, and then making a series of movies about, you know, an actual Mummy.
Len Wiseman >>>>>>>>>>> Stephen Sommers

Sommers that did the first Mummy or GI Joe/Van Helsing?

i think the firs Mummy is a very fun entertaining adventure movie.
I loved that first Mummy. Me and my dad went to see it right before he went in for a kidney transplant, so I have fond memories.
The first reboot was entirely serviceable, it was the terrible sequel (and spin-off, The Scorpion King, though that one at least had a certain level of '80s action cheesiness/camp to it) that made people hate the things, along with the fact that we all got sick of Brendan Fraser within the span of about two years...two years in which I believe he made six hundred movies, wasn't it? I might be exaggerating a little bit...

Anyway they made Big Dumb Action Movies out of the first reboot, I suppose the second reboot is going to be "grittier" or something? They like to use that term.

One way to actually reboot it differently would be to try and make a horror movie out of it like the original (the 1920s original, I mean), though how horrifying people will ever find a mummy, I dunno...
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I loved that first Mummy. Me and my dad went to see it right before he went in for a kidney transplant, so I have fond memories.
Agreed. I remember being terrified of the the Mummy in the first film. Those scarabs? Creepy! The way the Mummy manipulated sand and transformed himself was fairly innovative at the time. I don't think the movie gets the credit it deserves in terms of how epic it was.
This was announced months ago. I thought there was a thread here but i guess that was at blu-ray.com. Anyways we got one good mummy film and two **** sequels.

They can rebooot the **** out of this. Im all for it. The 1999 Mummy was really fun, and ive been looking for another good one since. Besides its not like these are some holy properties. There have have been 4 mummy movies in the past century. Its time the mummy got some love.
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They can go full steam ahead with it, but I have very slim interest in a Mummy reboot.
Len Wiseman? Was Paul W.S. Anderson busy?
If Wiseman's involved, that means Tatopoulos might be involved as well, which is a plus for me. I'd love to see his creature effects work in a Mummy film.
I don't disagree, boys. But really, I'd take him over Anderson, Boll, and the other hacks. There might be nothing special about him, but there's nothing really wrong.

The only film of his that i didnt like was Underworld Awakening. Such a useless thin plot.
I'll take Live Free or Die Hard over Die Hard 2 any day of the week. :o
But there's not much to defend either. He's just..there.

Yeah. He just exists. Not to mention Orci and Krutzman being involved. It's going to be one of those market research, film making by committee films.
Mummy '99 is amazing, imo. But it's a franchise/character that has been told many many times, so I don't inherently mind a reboot. But with Len Wiseman on board... yeah, no dice.
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