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Guys, I've been on the Hype since 2pm, it's now 10:30pm


Apr 10, 2004
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UK time.)

I think maybe I should get off now... my ass is getting sore.

I could go up town see some friends, been doing that every other night though, wanna save money for sat/sun.

What is the longest you have ever sat on the SHH?
... Wow. I've been on all day before. I just take loooong breaks offline & normally I get off around 12:30 am.
A few hours, although I never just stay solely on SHH, usually check out different things.
The countdown to and immediate aftermath of the TDK bootleg trailer. I was on and posting frequently for a few hours straight.
I'm on all day when I'm at work. 9-10 hours a day, but I take the weekends off.
The joy of tabbed browsing means you can be on SHH...with not actually being on it...
I'm on 8 hours now, bin doing other stuff but been logged into the hype since well, 8 hours ago. Posting regularly.
It's hard to judge for me. I'm off and on all day: in work, at home, before pub, after pub, before sex, after sex (never normally during :D), in between writing spats . . .

It's all relative :)
I had to work 7am to 7pm yesterday.
I must've been on the Hype and Lesbian Slumber Party for 11 hours.
But I was making overtime. :up:
Yeah, longest I've ever been on was cause of work. Few hours.
What is the longest you have ever sat on the SHH?

I probably did a full 12 hours on a weekend or something as the opening to BB approached :p

I have since acquired a life, a job, a boyfriend, etc... and do NOT plan to do that again.
Never more than 2 hours. It just goes to show how sad people are by wasting so much time here.
I'll usually post on here for about 2 hours then leave. Sometimes I'll post for a couple of minutes and come back to comment people in the sports section.

Longest I've been on here was 9 hours waiting for the Spider-Man 3 trailer. The trailer came out a few minutes after I got off.
I think the longest I've been logged on was 6-7 hours. I wasn't posting the entire time, though. I'd go on some other website.
I'll either have two windows open or log in and out . I've never really timed it but there has been a day or two where i spent half the day on the internet.
It is really bad but the time seems to fly by when your online , usually I look at the clock after a certain amount of time and go holy ****
About 4 hours. My eyes can't be on a computer too long or I get a headache, though I'd probably be on about 6 if that wasn't the case.
About a half an hour.

I would stay on more, but I’m a poser and don’t read much comics. Sometimes I have no idea what the hell people are talking about. I do wiki a bunch of stuff though.
Forgot to mention I don’t buy comics because I’m a cheapass.

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