Halo and the MU

Tropico said:

Supreme Power? You mean the revamped version of Squadron Supreme? The one that have a history of being in the 616 universe? Oh, yeah, that's soooooooo forced.:whatever: Meh, I could argue the Spidey one too considering Marvel made both comics and the Transformerverse was fairly different in the MU than the show or toys, but I won't.

Frankly, the whole "man out of place and time" has been done to death, IMO. He sounds like he would just be a superpowered Punisher to me. Then they would have his armor stolen and he has to try and get it back and destroy whatever they managed to reverse engineer. And then we find out that the armor was damaged and the Spartan guy is having trouble adapting to our century and now he has to do it on his lonesome because his AI is down. Wait, he won't be alone, he'll probably have a bum/homeless/crazy guy as
'friend. Either that or the obligatory kid that will bring out his repressed and hellish childhood to light. And then he obviously meets other of the MU as he tries to get his tech fixed and find a way home. Since I don't share your enthusiasm for HALO I guess it just sounds like a lame idea to me. Sorry to be so honest.:o

Did I type Supreme Power? I meant Ultimate Power:yay:

And you cant argue the Spidey one because there is no difference. Marvel didnt create the Transformers they just published Transformers comics. Just like they publish Halo comics.

In any case its no biggie that you dont like the idea. I didnt expect many people to like it, but I still do.
Spartan 117 would give Iron Man a hard time. An ongoing Halo comic series is interesting. Even though I didnt like the graphic novel, the franchise is solid and it has alot of potential.

However, in my view its painfully obvious the Halo creators got alot of their ideas from other franchises, like Aliens (Colonial Marines, Dropship, and Sullocco), Terminator (future war car with gunner), and Star Wars (Republic Senate). I still dig it though.
As I understand a Halo ongoing published by Marvel is in the works right now

And yeah the Halo creators got alot of their ideas from other franchises but everything is ripped off of something else to some degree these days.

oh and IM would pwn John (unless John has an AI)
bkhedr said:
As I understand a Halo ongoing published by Marvel is in the works right now

And yeah the Halo creators got alot of their ideas from other franchises but everything is ripped off of something else to some degree these days.

oh and IM would pwn John (unless John has an AI)

Yea, but not so blatentley.
I'd like to see Solid Snake vs. Punisher myself :).

As for this idea, it could work. There have been many hit or miss crossovers (far far more misses), and this definitely has a better shot than the soap opera crossover. I'm personally not a fan of Halo, but I could see it working.
spartan armor doesnt have the capability to hack into anything unless he had cortona along withum.He can only left a few tons for godsakes and beyond that he can be damaged from high falls.He cant fly either.
prrft, bring any Spartan into the MU and Squirrel Girl shall own them :o
ang_hulk said:
spartan armor doesnt have the capability to hack into anything unless he had cortona along withum.He can only left a few tons for godsakes and beyond that he can be damaged from high falls.He cant fly either.

Dude I didnt say the armor could hack into anything. I said a UNSC smart AI could.

And since when is lifting a few tons something to scoff at? Its more than Cap/ DD/ Iron Fist or any other number of street level heroes can lift.

As for Spartans not flying or taking damage from high falls...so what?
his armor isnt advanced as you think,the future of halo is that much more advanced,His bones are coated in a cermaic like material allowing him to take more impact,this material can be heated and broken and so on and its nothing to adamatium.I also want to point out that hes kinda unstabble in that armor,you knock a few things out,poison his body so the strength inducing caps dont work and hes done.Funny enough his armors named after thors hammer,just for that thor should give him a swift smack in the name of majolnar and send him flying back to the rip off mish mash stroy line he came from.

To answer your questions specifically,if he takes damage from high falls in his armor that cap would shrug off it says somthing.Its about the same as they can lift and they arent wearing armor and they are able to do so with there bodies as they are,not with steriod capsules.If he got dropped into the marvel u were would he get such assitance? him not being able to fly puts him at a terrible disadvantage.He might be able to beat hawkeye(ya) and statue but only with his guns,thats another thing,if he were to shoot somone hed be taken out asap.His fighting skills are sub par to......I really dont see why hed be there or what he could offer a story.
I'm not going to argue about this because I dont think it will get us anywhere but you are misinformed, both about the Spartans and about their Mjolnir armor.

I said that they would be very high end street level and that's what they would be.

You should read the novels. Good read, and very informative.
what am i wrong about? misinformed? by bungie themselves? I guess so.


even the most advanced is nothing more then hyped armor with a shield that im sure iron man would take out without lifting a finger,keep in mind iron mans armor is WAY more advanced then the spartan armor.Even with speed enhancements its nothing.
Of course Iron Man's armor is way more advanced.

But since when is an onboard motion detector, built in medical systems, sensors that detect your surroundings and potential threats and react accordingly by adjusting sheild direction and strength as well as pressurizing or depressurizing certain sections of the suit just hyped up armor with a shield?

And since when is a portable forcefield that recharges in seconds not impressive?

And this says nothing of the fact that the armor is a powered exoskeleton that responds to thoughts and enhances strength speed and agility to such extremes that normal (ie unaugmented humans) cant use it without shattering every bone in their bodies?

Spartans in Mark VI Mjolnir armor are plenty formidable

Wikipedia is not bungie

read the novels. Dont read them because I tell you to, read them because they are really fun to read.
wikis not bungie but bungie mentioned all that.I read those novels and i was ok with them,im biased when it comes to halo,its a terrible rip off but im not against the character and i like the armor design,im just saying hed get tossed around and the armors not impressive in the marvel u,iron spideys armor is way more advanced then jon spartans.yes thats his efin name,jon,yet another rip off.

How is 'John' a rip off?

If you think that because his name is John and the supersoldiers are called Spartans then its a Demolition man John Spartan rip off, you are really trying too hard to find something that isnt there. He is the Master Chief. Spartan-117. He just happens to be named John. Like the other Spartans have names like Linda, Sam, Will, ect. No rip off there. Just names

In any case its obvious you dont like Halo but that doesnt change the fact that a Spartan would utterly destroy someone like the Punisher or Hawkeye
i dunno,unless those bullets are somthing special i dont see it being such a big challenge for punisher to take him on,hawkeyes taken on much more powerful characters then him,he can dodge his attacks and hit him with some charge arrows or that tactical nuke.It is a demoliton man rip off weather you want to admit that or not.I think the games ok,i hate the story but it is fun to play,other then that its just a mish mash of rip offs,one after the other.I want to point out that jon spartan with his helmet off is a terrible nick fury rip off as well.The games good,the game play that is,its fun for multiplayer,the sotries a joke,thet leave themselves so many options thats it becomes a story made up as the games go along,from what i hear bungie didnt have a set stroy to begin with.The spartan would be able to take on a few of the anti hero squad iron man put togeather,mabey some lesser mutants and so on but other then that hes down and out.KEep in mind he can only hold his breath about two hours which gives some lesser mutants an advantage.Telepaths,elementals,super strong and fast characters all take him as well as most energy projectors.Every avanger on the team right now could take him,as well as most of the run aways and ya.theres a much shorter list of people who cant then people hed last 10 minutes with.
Bullets? What do bullets have to do with it?

An unarmed armored Spartan could kill the Punisher in two seconds flat without breaking a sweat

You say you read the books? Well then you should know that the Spartans were genetically perfect humans who were kidnapped and dumped in bootcamp when they were six year olds. They have spent their entires lives training and fighting against impossible odds.

Did you read the part in the first novel when John (then 16 and still adjusting to his new augmentations) watched a pin drop in slow motion and couldnt believe it. Did you read on the next page when he single handedly mauled (killing one man and crippling another) a bunch of ODSTs who were trying to bully him? Did you read how he broke their bones almost by accident? How they seemed to be moving in slow motion? (In case you didnt know ODSTs are special forces. The best of the best. One of them would be a match for Frank Castle or Hawkeye)

Dont confuse the games (where the Spartans are toned down for the gameplay's sake) with the Spartans' actual capabilities. So you dont like the story? So you think its ripped off of several franchises (which it is), that doesnt change the fact that Spartans are bad ass cyborg super soldiers.

Read the books again. This time read them better.
Still,hawkeyes taken guys like that,punisher could.spartans are slow,punsiher is not and bullets can get to him pretty easy and dont compare books to games,games are canon and came before books.Keep in mind that punisher could unleash a barage on him before hi got ahold of him.hawkeyes takens on major threats that would toss spartan like a human.Spiderman without his armor could take him just as easy as shocker.Hes nothing to the marvel u,hawkeye no,mabey punisher,anyone else of signiigance you think he could take? keep in mind that alot of marvel characters grew up in harsh condistions,atleast said conditions were balanced,no put tog eather by uncreative think tanks trying to set there rip off apart.You site a pin dropping compared to what hawkeye can do? c'mon.Beyond all this you only site punsiher and hawkeye because they dont have armor and healing factors,yet.....they survive in the marvel u just fine and hawkeyes taken on the hulk.

Spartans have enhance reflexes. Spartans have ceramic grafted to their skeletons so their enhanced speed and strength doesnt snap their bones like twigs.

They are so not slow. They move like a blur. They are waaaay faster than Spidey (running speed, hand speed). Of course they cant match his agility.

Dude when Hawkeye watches a pin drop he just watches the pin drop. He doesnt have enhanced senses. When a Spartan watches a pin drop they have enough time to tie their shoelaces before it hits the ground.

At one point in John's training a sonic bomber tried to take him out with a bomb. Know what he did? (if you read the book you would) he got his AI to do the calculations and then backhanded the bomb away from himself before it detonated. Know how fast the bomb was dropping? Too fast for someone like Hawkeye to do anything more than say "Awwww Fu...." then die.

"Dont compare games to books" , "games are canon". Man that is so dumb. I am talking about book Spartans the actual Spartans. The only reason the Spartans are not like that in the games is because the games would be no fun. By your logic Robocop isnt bullet proof because in the game a thug with a hand gun can kill him in a few shots. Games arent what we judge by. Games sacrifice the reality of the universe they portray in the interest of gameplay (as they should) You say the Spartans are injured by a fall? Of course they are in the GAME, otherwise you could just jump off any structure you want. Oh and by the way, in HAlO 2 you can jump off the highest structure without injury. Games arent canon. Books are. Everyone knows that.

Spidey could take a Spartan (no doubt it in my mind). Punisher, Hawkeye and the Shocker combined couldnt touch a Spartan (again no doubt in my mind)

And now I'm sure you havent read the books.
ang_hulk said:
they survive in the marvel u just fine and hawkeyes taken on the hulk.

I was wondering when ang_hulk would get to mention that name, took him long enough.:whatever: Stop harassing the guy, ang_hulk, you already made your points and he's already made his. He even said that he would be a high end street level at best in his opening post so you're just arguing for the sake of arguing. Don't turn this into another vs. thread, please.

If you compare Master Chief to Marvel Boy/Nohvar (which is a pretty close comparison, IMO) you'd see that he's not as useless as you make him out to be. Nohvar took on the Young Avengers and Runaways on his lonesome. You could also compare him to Deathlok and we've seen that he can do plenty. Ironically, these are 2 of the characters that I would use as an example for my previous point that, story wise, Master Chief barely brings anything original to the table (if at all). But I already settled my point with bkhedr and moved on.
Thanks Tropico

you are, as usual, the voice of reason :up:
No, I'm not! But thanks for the ego boost!:D
I am a big fan of Halo, and would, in a way, love to see SPARTAN-117 interact with the characters of the MU. However, I don't think it would work on a permanent, canonical basis. Maybe a one-shot, or a mini. Now I come to think of it, it'd be really cool if Tony's secret army in Civil War had been the SPARTANs...hm...story idea?
there not fast at all,there bulky.THis is a fact and thats somthing the books added for shock and awe.Even so,hawkeyes worked well when dealing with speedsters.The books are vague and yes i read them.Keep in mind the games are canon,the books are not,just like star wars,so says bungie.The hulks a major force,hawkeye took him on,thats a big deal,hes just a man and a bow and he took on the hulk.Beyond that,spartans are damaged by bullets,where does that put them?.He has only a few examples,the pin drop bit.You tihnk hawkeye could smack a fast moving object away? i think he has and could do it again.Beyond that,hes hit fast moving targets.Theres more examples that hawkeye could take him then there are not.Thats what im proving here,nothing less.Another thing,spartans cant tok heavy fire,the punisher dishes out heavy fire,its what he does best.Noh-var is bullet proof,spartans arent.Not all spartans move at high rates of speed,only those with armor equiped to do so,armor jon doesnt wear.This is also somthing bungies mentioned(i found out through joyride when questioning them on figures from the books) so hes out of luck with that.Yes the book makes claims but he still cant move at such a high rate that he couldent be delt with.Thanks for mentioning deathlock though,another man with a weapon who could beat a spartan.....jsyk,ill always mention hulk and defend hulk,hes done quite a bit for me continues to bring me lots of fun....hed also use a spartan as a quick weapon just like most of the marvel u.Again,hes about at the level of one of tony's civil war goons.

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