Halo and the MU

I am a Halo fan. A die hard Halo fan. I absorb all things Halo. I have read every scrap of information and bought every gimmicky sales ploy. And I am telling you that your information on Spartans is incorrect

For example, Mjolnir armor is bullet proof. Obviously higher caliber rounds will penetrate it but a cop's side arm for example wouldnt.

Second: Mjolnir armor is standard. There is no such thing as armor built for speed and armor not built for speed. There is only one design with standard upgrades coming as they become available. Some Spartans are faster than John (for god's sake spell his name right) like Kelly for example but that's because she is faster than he is, not because she has different armor.

Third: Hawkeye is not fast enough to deflect a bomb with the side of his hand in the split second between impact and detonation (do you even comprehend how fast that is?) and even if he was the bomb would just crush all the bones in his hand

Third: Spartans are not bulky. They are an elite strike force. Spartans penetrate behind enemy lines, recon, and come back undetected.

Your information is so faulty its ridiculous. Yet like any stubborn ninny you just keep coming back with the same erronous information over and over again.
This is just like the Hulk thread. Damn Hulk fans always find a way to ruin my day with their nonsense. I'm just shocked that the insistence on pushing flat out wrong information extends beyond the Hulk!

Dont take this the wrong way, but I'm done discussing this with you until you do some research.
Apprentice said:
I am a big fan of Halo, and would, in a way, love to see SPARTAN-117 interact with the characters of the MU. However, I don't think it would work on a permanent, canonical basis. Maybe a one-shot, or a mini. Now I come to think of it, it'd be really cool if Tony's secret army in Civil War had been the SPARTANs...hm...story idea?

Mistress Gluton mentioned this (sort of). The Spartans could be group of super secret SHIELD super soldiers. But that's not really what I was going for. I was kinda going for the man/woman out of place and time story. Granted its been done (like Tropico mentioned) but its just an idea.

I started this thread to see what people thought of the idea but unfortunately its degenerated it me trying to reason with a Halo hating ang_hulk who doesnt know the first thing about Spartans.
Mistress Gluton. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!:D She'll love that.
Tropico said:
Mistress Gluton. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!:D She'll love that.


has a typo ever been so unfortunate?

sorry Mistress GLUON please dont hate me :csad:
Usually I try to limit my ****list to three people. But I'll extend it to four, just for you.

j/k It's cool. Misspelling a name is nothing bad, unless you meant it. Then it's bad. But even then, I got a chocolate pudding today, so you'll need more than that to tick me off. ^_^

saved from the Mistress' **** list because of size constraints and chocolate pudding!

I am one lucky cat! :yay:

And that wasnt the topic. if you want to stir **** up go find the "Is Halo a good game?" thread :cwink:
I get my info from the same places you do and some of the places you dont.,hawkeyes reflexs are impeccable and if a bomb was coming at him he could either shoot it out of the sky or dodge it or smack it away somhow pending on the type of explosive it was.I also want to point out that bungies not great with continuity and the books are not canon,the game it and its obvious from the game that they are slow and bulky,beyond this,the book just makes him look better for the stories sake.Hawkeye could take a spartan and im sure if he had his arrows hed be able to beat him.He rides somthing very similar to there vehicles and it be nice to see a chase scene but again,i hed most likely win.MAbey a cops side arm wouldent do it but a cops side arm isnt anywhere near what hawkeye carries on his back.I got most of my info from guide books and tib bits as well as guys at joy ride,im pretty sure what i know is true.Now marvels taking alot of liberties and making him look like hes alot more then what we play in the games but still this isnt so.Theres no doubt hawkeye could take out a canon spartan.Hed have some trouble with the john from the books and mabey get knocked around by marvels but still i think hed be just fine.Punisher doesnt wear as much protection and isnt as agile so mabey hed end up dead but not hawkeye.I also want you to explain why if hes so ruff anf tumble that falls end up hurting him? Beyond that,just one of hawkeyes heavy missle arrows would end him and to make sure it hit he could send an emp or freezing arrow at him.If a spartan got ahold of him yes he could break his neck and bones but i think it would be quite tuff for him to do that,its not like hawkeye hasnt faced people with super strength before.I can think of very few people who couldent take out a spartan.

halo really isnt a great game,its only worth buying for the multiplayer aspect and even then alot of other games beat it.
Sorry Ang but I really am done discussing it. I didnt start this thread to have a debate as to what Spartans can or cannot do (I know what they can do, you clearly dont). I also didnt start this threat to discuss Hawkeye or the merits of Halo as a game.

If you want to discuss my pitch (and I think we already have) then I'm game. Otherwise just let the thread die and spare me your false information.
I have to agree with bkhedr - that isn't what this thread is for.

I still think a mini would work. It'd be great to see Master Chief take on the Hulk, duel with Spider-Man, brawl with Iron Man, etc. Watching the Covenant work alongside/against the MU's villains could be fun, as well... ;)
as long as you calling me wrong im not going to let it go.I got most of my info from stuff bungie sanctioned and the little things they didnt i got from people working with them.Dont feel bad,often people call me wrong and then when i come back after they realized it they dont like to talk about it,im sure itll be the same with you.Its really not a great pitch,mabey a one shot at a rest stop or game con but it really shouldent go beyond that,it be like him just hanging out,he doesnt have any tech to offer anyone and his time line has nothing to do with and of the other time lines weve read about.I think the only reason to do it is to show how weak he is.Id like to see him toss a bunch of grenades at thing,some landing around and on his face and stuff then running as they explode,then when the smoke clears we see thing unharmed charging towards him.Same thing could happen if he showed up during civil war and was mistaken for one of tony's goons.
bkhedr said:

And that wasnt the topic. if you want to stir **** up go find the "Is Halo a good game?" thread :cwink:
I don't want to stir up asterisks, I want spread the truth.

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