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Happy Holidays Ghost Rider Fans


Sep 27, 2003
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They may merge this with other Holdiay threads in time but, I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday. Not that I hate the rest of the hype or anything; I just know you guys far more than the others. Figured it would be nice to have a little holiday thread for us to chat in while we post this weekend.

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend and get lots of cool things... not that this time of year is about that. It's about family and traditions. The gifts are just the bonus.

Be sure to let us know if you get any cool Ghost Rider stuff this year. I doubt I'll be but, ya never know...
Everyone's bah humbugin' it up today or wha?
You guys mad or me or something?

Wish me a Merry ****in' Christmas damnit!

... those of you who celebrate it anyway...

... doin' anything fun?


and to everyone else reading the thread..:)
nothing planned ....just 2 days spending time w/ the family and getting presents.
tommorow its a big 'ol turkey dinner...but tonight its a homemade Cuban dinner complete w./ roasted pork and chicken. hmmm...tasty!
This'll be my first Christmas away from my parents and my sister. It'll be strange but I will be with my brother and his wife and kid who I haven't spent a christmas with in about 15 years probably. Fun times and I can't wait for the turkey tomorrow!!
Merry Christmas guys. Lucky for me, my boys bday is christmas eve so it's easier to buy things for him. I guess thats not so lucky for him lol. He is only 3 so right now he doesn't know he is being screwed lol.
You'll pay for it when he gets older though.

Merry Christmas to the both of you.
Flamin' Merry Christmas to all GR fans over the world!!!

And do no more evil, or Santa Rider will give you Penance Stare, ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas Everyone
I hope everyone gets all the Ghost Rider stuff they haven't already gotten. :ghost: :ghost:
mery christmas i wish the batman thread has something like this
And a happy Christmas and happy holidays to you all and thank god for MSJ doing this film :ghost: :up:
Merry Christmas FH and all the other hardcore GR TRUE FANS.
Let´s bring our hero to the top of the Marvel Universe once more.
Happy Holidays and 2007 will be our year!
:ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:
Hey guys, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Hope you have/had a wonderful day!
Happy Hanukah from the Jewish side of the Ghost Rider family.
Merry Christmas, and may the hellfire keep you warm.
Merry Christmas to all of my GR-afictionado-brothers.
Wish you all the best.
I hope you all are havin' a good day. I'm at my brothers right now and am about to sit down to a big turkey with all the fixin's. Mmm, Mmm.

I'll talk to ya'll when I get home... after I have a nap. Again, Happy Holidays!
Well, I have my food devoured and had a nappy. Drinkin' some beers now and gonna have a game of Starcraft.
Merry Christmas everyone, lets all have a safeone. Pretty warm down here in Australia.
Merry Christmas total. Isn't it always warm in Australia? It's pretty warm here in Canada too actually. There's snow but it's milder than usual.

So, anybody got any New Year's resolutions?

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