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Has anyone ever gotten a scary pm from another hypster?

that's not good... thankfully I haven't yet, but there's always next year
Morg sent me an infraction once.
That scared me. No sarcasm
lol, I'm free from scary PMs

I don't get it. How are they scary?
There was this one time when Dew sent me a message telling me he had puppies in his van :O
I guess that's scary?
Let Uncle Bamfer kindly remind y'all not to be posting any private messages.
hence the "private" in private messages.
Casey, I take it you just got a scary PM? A little spooked, are we?
I'm a mod, i get one at least twice a week or more :p
Yea whats up, all jokes aside if its serious you should report it.
I've never gotten any that actually scared me, but Assteroid-Man has threatened to call the police on me, and various other tough-kiddo threats.

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