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HAWKEN: Free-To-Play Mech Game For Web Browsers


Utter Smeghead
Dec 18, 2009
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Surprised no one on here's been talking about this bad boy yet! It looks so good! It's a online mech game going to be starting up in December (a beta will be starting up very soon) for web browsers via the new Gaikai free-to-play full game streaming cloud service, and it's going to be strictly multiplayer only. Best of all? They're already going ahead with making it the next Star Wars (in a good way), with an all-out multimedia expanded universe! WB's doing a live-action web series adaptation of it coming next spring (a trailer and BTS featurette for the web series just hit the net today and it looks bad-ass), a tie-in graphic novel is already in the works, and an upcoming full-length feature film has been confirmed that's going to be directed by one of the co-directors of Act of Valor!

Wanna see what all the hubub's about? Go to http://www.playhawken.com/ and sign up for the beta/message boards today! You WON'T be disappointed!

Gameplay trailer for the game:


Live Action Web Series Trailer:


BTS Featurette for Web Series:

yeah I saw it on aOTS and EPD.tv. it's interesting I'll give a shot I just have alot on my list. some that at back logged too.

Hawken (PC)

Steve and Raju suit up for battle in Hawken.

synopsis: Amazing graphic's with a cool sound design , with interesting and intricate levels.
Raju's score 8.0 Steve's sacore 8.5


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