HellHare's Art from the underworld


Nov 30, 2007
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Here is the first pic i am posting I'll try to get more up each day.
WOW! me = blown away!

AMAZING first post. I WANT MORE!

PS: obviously the whole thing is breathtaking, but i love the little detail of the paw print on the bottom of the 'sandals'. imo, its the details that elevate a picture like this, and you've done it, to be sure. great work!
Here is another comic I am working on, Both first issues should be done after the New Years. This is just an icon thing, it needs cleaning up. But here it is.

Here is some lineart I just did for this guy, he's changing the logo of his bar.

fantastic stuff dude... welcome to the hype!! jonny nero looks especially cool... [even if i'm not entirely sold on his bare-midriff...] are you self-publishing these? who are rampage comics? keep it up... can't wait to see more!
Those are amazing!! Good job :up:
Hey man, thanks!

Rampage is my own imprint breaking out this year! (Horror/PG13 style) I am publishing these two titles as a mini comic. I may combined them under one publication/volume.

I have big plans for these characters, Jonny Nero is a trilogy set in Detroit..Motorcity! It has a cast that is unique and will spin off in to three of their own titles. Keep watchin!!!!

As far as the midriff... I'm bringing sexy back. LOL (Jonny's a welder, his gitup is a welders jacket.) He got to sport the tats man.
dude, your stuff is amazing. i especially liked the first post. the detail and the coloring on it is incredible. cant wait for more.
I am going to add a few this weekend!

I have a very detailed cover that I will be showing a little later!

Thank you both for the props!
Here is another Character thats kind of in development.
Here is another comic I am working on, Both first issues should be done after the New Years. This is just an icon thing, it needs cleaning up. But here it is.


love the kinda retro style of this... so cool. I want to see this cartoon!
Very nice stuff... Love your style... And the name Jonny Nero kicks ass! Looking forward to seeing more.
Thanks guys!

I am going to put up some more this weekend!
This is for the Holiday Manip Contest!!!

I am not big in to Manips but I thought of Bad Santa so this Idea came to mind. Please no hate mail! All in good fun:woot:

For those of you interested in creating maquettes, I thought I would post a work in progress of the Jonny Nero character I started this morning. I have some stuff to do today, but I hope to finish by tomorrow night.

I started out with a wire frame (wire coat hanger), some aluminum foil (the wife made lasagna, leftover baking tin and foil wrap...Hummm Lasagna goood) , and a $5 wood base from a craft store. I wired up the aluminum foil to a washer/bolted it to the base and piled on the Sculpty clay. I'm out of clay now so I have to stop by the store today and pick some up.

I use the Terracotta clay, some like the Super Sculpty, but for me, I like to see the contrasts in the clay and it's softer (some people mix the two together) whatever works for you!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on it's progress!

Wow. Impressive introduction. Hell Hare is rather badass. I can't wait to see more.
Great stuff! You have amazing skills!
Thanks Comic_Maniac and Majmun
I went to the craft store this morning and they were out of Terracotta, But I am kind of diggin the super sulpey. A little tougher to push but it seems to smooth out better.

Anyway, my wife is singing in the choir tonight... so the maquette is on hold until tonight.


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