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How bout a prequel instead?


Apr 3, 2006
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You know, I enjoyed this movie a lot, but I would really like to see a prequel rather than a sequel.

I thought the Caretaker seemed like a total bad ass, and had the demeanour of an old western gun slinger (he was in tombstone, right? Or have I got the wrong guy?).

But I dig dig the Old West feel in parts of the movie, and I would LOVE to see a prequel set in the old west, fully, focusing on Caretaker's character. I love horror/western vibes in general, so maybe I'm biased, but I think it could be really cool.

what do you guys think?
Even better, how about the story from Trail of Tears?
Yesterday i was reading a Zack Snyder interview about his awesome 300.
Asked about the R-rated classification and the possibility of the rating push away some kids, he said "it had to be R-rated; otherwise i couldn´t show most of the things i wanted to. u know, not everyone want to watch a Ghost Rider".
Makes me sad hearing things like that. People basing my hero´s movie.
Of course, seeing GR on the screen for the first time was touching and thrilling, of course, but i cannot reply most of the arguments that put some negativity on the film. It was cool. But not enough.
I expect a classic, like Blade or the Crow.
Cool is FF or TMNT.
I think MSJ didn´t get the idea of the character.
It hurts me to say that. But some things become more clear specially on the second time i watch the movie.
There´s some embarassing scenes, just unnecessary.
Like i said before, Cage & MSJ had their shot.
Give space now to someone new. New ideas, new faces.
Go deeper, go darker.
Someone around these threads came with an idea that makes me think: not a sequel or a prequel, but a remake. A JB new tale, with new cast and crew, like the first one didn´t exist.
It´s kind of extreme, but...
Well, maybe it´s not the best idea,but not a bad one.
A Western GR prequel? I love that idea, but i think it will be almost impossible that Marvel Studios would do it. No bikes? They will never confuse the general public with another GR. I truly think that if they´ll make a sequel, MSJ & Cage will be back. And another pg13 will be throwing at us. Unfortunelly.
I will die with the idea of Josh Holloway as JB or specially as a young Carter Sade ( just imagine a prequel set on a mythic San Vengenza and the adventures of Slade vs Scarecrow, narrated by Sam "The Man" Elliot, since the Hasbro´s action figure has a western look... :woot: ) or some new bad ass kid as DK, revamping it all.
That´s all, folks. My opinion, of course.
GR was a fun ride.
Let´s try make it better for the second one.
:ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:
No, they just need to make a R-rated sequel
Better and more intriguing script/screen play. I dont mind if MSJ directs, so long as he has a solid script, solid characters, solid R rating, and plenty of money to make it happen.

Bring on GR 2.

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