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Jun 3, 2012
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I was really excited for a Spiderman show when i first heard about it. :woot: I couldn't wait to see web-swinging happen right in front of me. I thought it would lend itself so well to live theater. Then i found out it was going to be a musical. :cmad: I was livid, but kept my hopes up that the staging and plot would be great. After all, the woman who made the lion king was doing it! Then i heard about the mishaps, heard about the tweaking and finally saw the show.

I was blown away by the staging, action, and sets. It was so elaborate and creative. if you had shut the sound off the show wouldve been better actually. I dont know what they were thinking with the script. How could they not include Harry? There was just so much wrong with this plot that i couldnt even explain all its faults.

Then i thought about how easy it would have been to have made the story so much better. I think it's important that they use the movies as a basis because this is what the general audience is most familiar with. People i spoke to were like who's kraven? who's lizard? who's carnage? im not saying there is something wrong with these characters, i just think there is a problem with using important characters that deserve more time in just one scene.

Anyway, i think that the peter-MJ-harry arc that encompassed the 3 films could have been condensed into two acts. Green goblin would be the villain in act one and Doc Ock would be the villain in act two, although the character would be in act one, and would transform in act one.

As far as im concerned nothing except for the harry part of spiderman 3 is important. MJ's story could end with the end of 2. She would find out who peter was and decide to be with him. Only this would happen after harry goes to help peter against doc ock, not venom. Obviously, harry would find out peters identity well before MJ, most likely towards the beginning/middle of the second act.

Anyway, i believe its possible, by cutting out a lot of unimportant things, to have made the show a lot better than it was. of course, my version would not have any songs, except some hobo singing the old theme song.


act 1
-basically spiderman 1, but i like the idea of peter being in college better
-otto octavius is peter's college professor
-it ends with harry seeing spiderman laying norman down, norman funeral and peter tells MJ he cant be with her
-the final scene is octavious becoming doc ock through an experiment, like in the movie, but peter and harry are not present.

act 2
-mostly spiderman 2
-the train scene happens (or some event in which harry promises to give doc ock tridium in exchange for spidey) earlier, with the same result
-harry is in shock, and then attacks peter. peter quickly subdues him and while holding him down, tells him that he didnt kill his father and is about to explain the whole thing when he realizes that doc ock now has the tridium
-peter leaves with harry still in shock. then you hear norman's voice
-the MJ spiderman 2 part, and the harry spiderman 3 part happen kind of at the same time, but harry does not get amnesia, and spidey does not lose his powers or give up being spiderman.
-spiderman can not find doc ock for a while, then dok ock kidnaps MJ because he saw her with peter, who harry told him earlier knows spidey
-spiderman goes to save MJ
-harry sees that MJ is missing on TV, and decides to go save her, thinking that it is his fault. as he is getting his stuff, he sees that the original glider has dried blood on it. he realizes that norman must have killed himself
-harry comes to help peter and MJ. one of doc ocks arms throws the glider through harry, and the rest is like spiderman 2. doc ock sacrifices himself.
-harry is dying and peter and MJ go to him like in spiderman 3 where harry and peter confirm that they are best friends. harry dies :csad:
-the ending is the same as 2, with MJ going to peter, he hears the sirens, and she tells him to go get em, tiger

anyway, thats my idea.:woot:

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