How Many Comics Do You Buy a Week?


Monkey Boy
Nov 23, 2005
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I started buying one, then maybe two. Eventually I worked up to five a week, then I cut back and tried to only buy $20 worth a week. But now its like 6 or 7, depending on what comes out. I would cut back again but I don't want to stop buying anything and miss out.

What I want to figure out is how many comics is the average amount of comics people buy a week. Maybe if enough people post here We could figure it out.

I have seen people buy one comic, and I have seen people buy what looked like 20 comics, so I was curious what is the average and what would be considered a crazy amount of comics to buy?
Because comics aren't TOO popular in Greece stores make you subscribe to them by picking at least 2 monthly titles. You can't go to a store each week and pick up fresh comics by yourself because they don't get any extras for non-subscribers and if they do are usually in the beginning of a series for promotional purposes. I currently have 4 a month(by Green Lantern issue 20 it will be 3 a month) plus 2to3 i get off ebay or spare ones i find at stores. It kinda sucks you feel limited and it takes the fun out of going to the store searching and reading and picking issues by myself IF i'm lucky enough to finde spare ones. So yeah i'd say i buy 4 monthly + 2-3 "loose" and maybe a Trade Paperback depending on my pocket money.
I get 1-2 issues per week, and on average, I buy 2-5 trades a month depending on how many I find on good sales.

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