The Dark Knight How many times do you think your going to go and see TDK.


May 18, 2006
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Just saw the trailer and wow is all I can say, dam this film looks so amazing and the joker is awesome I can see myself seeing this film about 3 times.
I know that at this time, I'll probably say eight times, but honestly, maybe twice or three times. Just how it actually happens.
Umm...probably opening night, and once more on a day off of work. Maybe a third time if I'm totally blown away...

BTW, I think this is the wrong thread for this.
How come there isn't a ''1 time'' option?
I went to see Begins four times. If TKD is better I might well go a couple more times than that if time permits. :woot:
once at Imax, once at a normal Cinema.
I saw Begins 4 times. I don't think there's any doubt that I will see TDK more, schedule permitting.
One time in London on July 25th, two or three times in Belgium on august 6th....and a lot, a lot, a lot of times on august 20th in France !!!!:grin: :woot:
1 time in cinema, 2 times on bootleg after the cinema experience, then a couple of times on DVD.
....Till my eyes start to bleed and I keep repeating lines from the movie over and over again.....:wow:
the most times ive ever seen the same movie in a cinema is twice and i cant even remember what movie that was. with how excited i am about TDK, i think i'll probably see it about 4 times
I watched BB I think about 5 times in the theaters. I've never done that before. Usually I just watch things once, and maaaaybe another time if I want to see it on the big screen again.

BB was like, an addiction for me. :ninja: So it'll probably be the same for TDK. Stretch it out to once every 2 weeks, like I did for BB. :oldrazz:

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