World How Superman should be potrayed in real life.


Nov 20, 2007
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Anyone can do this they will have the abilility to chose:

Where Metropolis is

The level of Superman's powers

Where Superman works

Villians etc

so use anything
Metropolis is where New York is

Superman: TAS is about right for his power levels

Superman works as a Doctor, he uses krypotain knowledge to help find new and innovative technology

Lex is the owner of LEXCORP and deeply involved in politics, getting by regulations and holds a monopoly on industries in the United States, mainly technology, weapons systems and the medical industry. His main competition is Wayne Enterprises and which Clark Kent sits on its board of directors.
Bored, and this should be pretty fun.

Where Metropolis is: Delaware

The level of Superman's powers: About Superman Returns. Usually too powerful for my taste, but meh, I'm in that sorta mood.

Where Superman works: I like the idea already given of him as a doctor. But the reporter will always be my answer.

Villians etc: Lex owns his own company. He specializes in advanced weapons. However, there is also genetic weapons testing (Like Umbrella from Resident Evil). Braniac is like TAS.
You can use anything from the comics. I'll make one for each
Anyone can do this they will have the abilility to chose:

Where Metropolis is......................Redbank , N.J.

The level of Superman's powers.............same as comics except he is delusional

Where Superman works...................Cosco 's

Villians .................Jimmy Olsen , the younger store manager.

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