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How will future generations look back at our games?


Sep 2, 2009
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Curious to see what people think. Will classic video games hold up like classical music? Or will they simply be forgotten?

Or is it going to be like comics, where 70 years from now, they are still making Mario games?
I see no reason why classic games would be forgotten.

As for franchises continuing decades into the future, they'll continue as long as there's money to be made.
As graphics advance, and eventually reach a point where they can't get any better, the focus will be on things like A.I. People in future generations will look back on today's games and marvel at the stupidity of enemy and ally NPC's, meanwhile their modern NPC characters will be having live detailed conversations with the player. Or something like that.

In the great scheme of things, compared to something like music, video games and even TV are relatively new. It's difficult, albeit interesting, to predict how our descendents will view the history and progress of gaming.
I think stuff from the NES era and onwards will be somewhat nostalgic, but they'll be played for being more of the pickup and putdown type of games unlike modern ones which focus a lot on multilayer and lengthy stories--and that seems to be the future.
Future generations will look back at our time and say, "lol xbox one."
If Microsoft keeps this up, kids will be asking what an Xbox is 20 years from now.
I think they'll look at our generation to really bring storytelling into gaming. I mean more that 10 sequels about rescuing princesses from castles

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