how will planet hulk affect the hulk long term



here is how I think he will be affected.

1. i think he will be stronger in base strength and faster then he was.

2. i think when he goes back through the warp from the planet side he will get his healing factor back with a bost and also another strength boasr.

3. Being on the planet and having low strength has made Hulk fight better so he is more ruthless controled and a better fighter which will make him harder to fight on earth.

4. He also seems to be alittle smarter then the average child like hulk.

5. If he conquers the planet he will have a vast army, technolgy that seems to have been able to capture silver surfer. and a whole planet at his disposal.

6. unlike just wanting to be left alone he know has a goal kicking the people who turned on him.

so in conclusion Hulk comes back faster, stronger, smarter, more ruthless, and angry and rules a planet. so the illuminate and earth betterwatch out.
He will start a traveling folk group with his former teammates in the Defenders (SS, Dr. Strange, and Namor). They will take the world by storm, then end up quarreling on stage because of opposing political views.

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